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Friday, January 16, 2009

And also? A meme.

This meme:
The six one- sixth folder, sixth picture, six people, etc. But I already did it, so...
I am changing it to 12/12 and I am not going to tag anyone. Sorry. But other people I know are doing it, so go there to see them.
Dayton Time (go here first, cuz she memed me, see her Monday post)
Simple Life (and also go here because she got memed too)
But, anyway, here is my photo:
It's my barn! In the summer. BC, that is to say, before Clara. This picture makes me feel happy and reminds me to remember to trust to hope that this frigid (and by frigid I mean frickin freezin Mr. Bigglesworth) weather will not stay forever. And that reminds me to remember that every season in our lives comes to pass. Whether you find yourself in winter, spring, summer, or fall, be aware that is fleeting and one day you will have a hard time remembering the details. So.
Enjoy the summer barn while it's here, and don't hurry the winter barn, because life passes quickly enough.


Teacupliz said...

Sweet I will enjoy today. Oh wait my brain is froze... LOL
Good news.... Emily the Brown Swiss we have been trying get bred for 9 months... IS BRED..

marla said...

i love your cow stories. i also love the milk. you guys rock. we owe you.

Hanna said...

I had brain freeze (really) all day on Saturday from that frickin freezing barn. On a positive note, poop-sickles are way easier to scoop than mushy melty poo.
Do you think that in July when I am about ready to pop and roasting from this bun in the oven, shoveling melty, stinky, 85 degree weather poo with the flies buzzing that I will wish myself back to that frozen tundra barn? Hmmmm... that is going to be a tough one to call. Ahhh, I love Western New York.

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