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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

from the mouths of babes

My kids have recently started having great conversations.


Joe comes home from fishing. The sweet children ask him if he caught anything. "Yes," he says, "a pike."
Cade, being only four and having less expreience with such things, asks, "Why didn't you bring it home?"
Brilyn, having more experience in these things, states, "Because they taste like garbage."
"Garbage, Daddy?" asks Cade, for clarification.
"Well, mud, really." answers the daddy.
"Oh, well, then Cade would like to eat them, I guess," says Brilyn in a mocking tone.
And Cade, picking up on the implication, with perfect comedic timing, states, "I don't eat mud. ..... Anymore."


It is Brilyn's birthday slumber party. We are all watching Barney's Imagination Island when Alexis asks me a question.
"Where do babies live before the mommy gets pregnant?"
I pause, thinking of how to explain the creation part of procreation and how new souls are formed, when Brilyn pipes up in her I-know-the-answer-to-this-question tone of voice.
"They are in God's hand until He puts them in their mommy's belly. They stay there until it is time for them to be born. I know this because I have had that experience."

Gotta love those kids.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Farm kids say the funniest things...

Story 1.

~from the backseat:

Cade: We can't give our milk to Hanna!

Mommy: Why not?

Cade: What if we get a bunch of cookies?

Mommy: We have a whole cow full of milk at home. Don't be greedy.

Brilyn: Don't worry Cade, when Clara has a baby, we'll have lots of milk. Mom, when are we going to get Clara bred?

Mommy: Couple months from now.

Cade: Why are going to give her bread?

Brilyn: Not GIVE her bread, GET her bred. Let me tell you what that means. Get her pregnant. A vegetarian will come over and bred her.

Story 2:
~from the barnyard:

Daddy: Cade, get the chickens out of the barn.

Cade, a few minutes later: I did it daddy, and I made it so they won't go back in.

Daddy: What do you mean? The door is still open.

Cade: I used this! It tells the chickens, "stay off my property," right Daddy?

That's right folks, Cade had propped a posted sign next to the barn door.


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