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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We went on a walk in the woods yesterday, and what did we find? Ramps are up!
So, in the next week or so, my family will be enjoying one of these delicious-sounding recipes from this really helpful site.
I'm thinking the first spaghetti recipe (not the pesto, I don't have pine nuts, nor do I really like them very much) and the grilled ramp soup. (ramps? check. oodles of heavy cream? check. Emeril's Essence (aka Baby BAM!)? check.)
I'll take pictures if/when I make supper from ramps.
I did make a macaroni salad the other night with wild chives instead of onions. It was really good, and the green chopped chives looked really nice.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Here I am. Just grumpy.

So, I keep checking in on my blog, and it is not posting on its own. So, I guess I will post here, now.
The only trouble is that I can't think of anything to write. Why? Because I am so so so so tired. Exhausted. Really really sleepy. And sick to my stomach. And lacking in energy. And nauseated. Alright. That's enough of that.
Oh! It's because there's a baby in my belly. FYI.
Just in case the baby growing in the top right hand corner of my blog didn't give it away. I am very excited about it, I just can't work up the appropriate affect through the nausea-haze.
Oh! Here's some news. We planted some trees. One each pear, peach, nectarine.
And raspberry bushes.
I got a tan today. Reading a book on the deck, and also transplanting some hyacinths and grape hyacinths today to make room for the raspberry bushes.
My cow is great, we bought a stake so we can tie her out on the lush grass on our lawn. She seems to really like that.
We bought some meat chicks at Tractor Supply. 12. They are eating/pooping machines. Luckily Joe just finished the chicken tractor, so we won't have to shovel their refuse. Which is good. Because shoveling chicken poop, just the thought, really, is making me sicker. More sick. Yeah, sicker.
Well, Brilyn is ready for bed, and really? So am I.

OH! I went to my parents' house on Monday and Tuesday, and I took these pics in their driveway on Tuesday morning. I was glad I brought my camera. It was invigorating. :)

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