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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tomorrow's my birthday
Tomorrow's my birthday
Tomorrow's my special day
Tomorrow's My Day.

I like my birthday. Because it's all about the presents, that's why. At Christmas it's all about Jesus and family and traditions. But my brithday? It's all about me and my presents and cake and ice cream, which are all things I like most especially.

Why do I like presents, you ask? You are surprised by my love of gifts since I mostly eschew things material? It's because presents remind me that people love me. It's my love language. When I look around me and see little things that others have brought me, I think, they were thinking of me and picked this for me and gave it to me, because they LOVE ME. For example, Kara, the BFF, gave me a write-your-own-recipes-in-it-cookbook a few years back, and EVERY time I use it, which is pretty much daily, I think, Kara loves me.

So, now you know the truth about me. I like little things that people give to me, and I keep them forever and ever and ever and I don't throw them away. For example, my great-grampa gave me a little brush and comb set when I was like, 11. And, I still have the brush. I can't use it, because now I have short hair, and I never actually could use it because it is one of those round brushes that make my hair worse than when I started and always ends with an impromptu hair cut because it gets inextricably stuck in the tresses.

So. Now I feel verified and clarified so that I can post my birthday wish list without anyone thinking I am overly superficial.
1. A subscription to MaryJane's Farm mag.
2. Colorful gel pens for making my to-do list.
3. Emergen-C because it works like coffee for me in the afternoon when I can no longer actually drink coffee if I wish to sleep that night. At all. And because it tastes good.
4. Bubble bath that is not made of weird chemicals and that smells like lavendar because there is actually lavendar in it. And lotion. Because my hands are cracked and bleeding that's why. And because Bag Balm does not have a very feminine essence.
5. A maid.
6. GOOD cake.

Well, that about sums it up. Please tell my husband what to get me. Thanks then.



threecollie said...

Wishing you a very happy one and hoping you get everything you wish for as you surely deserve it!

Doda said...

Happy birthday. Hope you get some lovely things!!!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday (early), Joce!

Just a tip - because my hands crack and bleed also - try eucerin cream. Not the lotion. The big container of cream. It feels a little greasy, but if you put it on before bed, it really cuts down on the cracking during the winter.

Good luck and happy hands!

Hanna said...

Crack is BAD. I agree with Steph. Baby Eucerin is the best. It works on Baby Crack too.

Oh and you forgot to put Smartwool on your list. Good thing I remembered for you. :)

<3 you! But I won't say Happy Birthday yet. Not til tomorrow, ya birthday mooch!

Rebz said...

LOL. Somebody who loveses me already gots me some smartwool. ;) And she gave them to me today, along with a dead chicken.

SpiritMama said...

Happy B-day tomorrow!!!

Waxela (wa-shay-la)

Kara said...

Happy birthday tomorrow!!!! And I will agree with you that getting gifts from people who love you is the best...especially when there is thought put into them! xoxoxo..Kara

ps..I'm calling you EARLY to wish you a happy birthday!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Jocelyn!!

Hanna said...

YEAH! It's here! It's here!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy Happy Day!
Today is your Happy Birthday!
It's your special day!
Soon you're going to be Thirty!
I'm your friend Joe thinks is dirty!
So enjoy your Twenty-nine!
Cause you're so dang fine!

I just wiped that up of the top of my head. Impressed?
Happy Birthday, My Special Partner in Cream!
Love ya lots!

jes said...

Happy birthday 2 u
Happy birthday 2 u
Happy BIRTHDAY my dear sister-
Happy Birthday 2 u....



and many more....... =D

Hanna said...

Oh yes, and I forgots to tell you. I know that you "like little things that people give to you, and I keep them forever and ever and ever and don't throw them away"... but please, please eat that dead chicken... and throw away the leftovers that you can not eat.
If you really want you can keep the wishbone forever and ever and always but the whole carcass would be a bit of an overkill... so to speak. So please eat that dang bird.
<3 ya!

DayPhoto said...



Anonymous said...

Okay so you haven't posted a blog today so I am leaving this comment in yesterday's blog - YOUR BIRTHDAY DAY- hehe! woo hooo! Happy Birthday girl! Hope its the best birthday ever!

Rebz said...

I LOVE 13 comments all about my birthday.
Thanks you guys!

heather said...


Well Happy Belated Birthday! I am so happy to hear you LOVE your birthday. The people who know and love you would have been very deprived without you in it. I hope you received some of those lovely gifts you mentionded. I must also say, WOW to 94 comments on the maple syrup!!!! I would love to use some of it on my chocolate chip pancakes. We have them every Sat. morning. I remember making the syrup with my dad and brothers when we were younger. It was great quality time we spent together. We cooked it outside on an open pit though. So congrats to you on taking on so many wonderful endeavors----whole milk, less chemicals, living smart with money, and homemade Maple Syrup!!!! May God watch over the boiling pot and the hands that prepared it.


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