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Friday, January 23, 2009

Who loves me?

Pamela Loves Me.

And I will now propose to her.

Pamela? Will you marry me?

I love you, and I think, based on your cake, that we would have a long and wonderful life together.


Pamela said...

aw, shucks. i'm blushing. i would love to marry you. however, it is a question of logistics. you know about jon, but hanna's next in line because she asked a while ago, and then you. so if jon kicks it, maybe you and me and hanna? just a thought.

i'm glad you like the looks of the cake. it was fun to make. ah, the rhymes.


Kara said... totally kick my butt at best birthday present! Do you want to be my friend and drive out to the middle of nowhere to deliver a cake to me...October 12th! It should take you about 2 1/2 hours;o) Jocelyn...I am SOOOOO FREAKEN JEALOUS! I WANT TO EAT IT NOW!!! I totally kicks my cake for Cooper's butt!

Sophia said...

wow that looks deliciouS!!!
If you wanna drive up to Canada- September 27th I hit the big 3-0!

Happy birthday Jocelyn!

Amanda said...

I think I just drooled a little...YUM!! Enjoy Jocelyn, I hope you eat the whole thing (I would!)

Kathy said...

Beautiful Cake! Kathy

Hanna said...

You make my gifts of Smartwool socks and a roasting chicken look like... well...
socks and a dead chicken.
Glad your my friend anyhow.
Love, Hanna

Pamela said...

i am quite fond of socks and dead chickens.

Lydia said...

Too yummy!

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