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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I want to write something here...but there is an awful lot of shrieking going on round here and it keeps resetting my brain so I can't remember what the heck I was going to say. So this? Will be a random post.
For example, "HOTTIE HOTTIE HOTTIE!" That quote comes from Cade, he must be talking to me. Wait! Now he is saying "nigh nigh pice pice pice PI-EECE!" That means "put me to bed woman, with that little thing that pacifies me."
And, speaking Cade speak, that reminds me of his word that sounds like money. I finally (Joe did, actually, and he told me) realized he means, "Barney." Great.
I apologize for the almost complete incoherence of that last sentence, but I am not going to back and change it, just for fun.
Okay, so now that my kids are watching "Lost in the woods" a cousin (might I just add that I don't like it when people say 'cousint' with a T sound at the end? It just grates on me.) to "Stranger in the woods" both are fun movies based on funner books. (I don't mind it when people say funner just so long as I am absolutely sure they did it on purpose and not because they don't know about 'more fun')
Speaking of more fun- growing things in pots in the winter makes the dreary days more fun. My sister got me a potted herb set for Christmas and I planted it already and it is growing already. And the little thyme plants are peeking their little heads up and Hanna (who is preggy) mentioned that it is a sign from God. "Baby thyme" MUST mean it's baby time. But, despite the preggy pressure on all sides (Pamela, Kara, Rene, Hanna, and the list goes on and on and on), I am still planning a baby for May 21st, 2010. Which means no preggy till August. In case you wonder about the May 21st due date, it is necessary because Brilyn is May 19th and Cade is May 20th. So baby next must be the 21st.
And finally- I will share something that I stole directly from Joe. And I mean it to be a meme.
Top 5 Blessings of 2008.
1. Clara Belle the cow. What an abundance she provides. I am in dairy products heaven. DRINK MORE MILK! EAT MORE CHEESE! DOUSE IT IN BUTTER! Yay to me. And, she is the sweetest little puppy cow ever to live in this world. And, the work involved in caring for her keeps me fit and gets me outside twice a day and lifts my spirit without fail. And makes my muscles big, which is kinda cool. Love her.
2. I am done with my Master's work. The end.
3. My family. Health and happiness. Cute cute babies. Handsome hard-working husband.
4. New friends. I made some in real life and in the blogsphere and I am glad I did and they keep life fresh. New people are neat. And the new people I met are neater than average. And have been encouraging and inspiring. And I certainly can't talk about friendship without a shout out to Kara, who once was a new friend- ah....11 years ago. That makes me feel old. Sheesh. (If you feel sad that you didn't get a personalized shout out, you'll have to put on your big-kid pants and realize that Kara just gets special treatment, it's just the way it is. She's a BFF and they get specialized shout outs.) And now moving ON to...
5. More wisdom. I feel that I learned a lot this year and have grown a lot. I recently realized that I have become an adult even though I am still, ah, marching to my own drummer. And, it's cool to be a grown up. I think of others. I am (Mostly) responsible. I know what's important to me and (try to) live that way.
Well, speaking of thinking of others, my son really needs a drink and a paci and some nigh nigh.
And, the movie is over.
And peace to you.
OH! Wait! The meme part is that once you have read this post, you must make your own list and post it somewhere conspicuous, like your own blog. And link to me and I will link to you. The end. (Because my brain just had its reset button pushed for the 100th time and when that happens one MUST STOP WRITING!)

Kara posted her TOP 5, go see.


Rebz said...

I meant to link to Kara's and Pamela's blogs when I listed them under "preggy" but I didn't. And I don't want to go edit this post. So, Kara and Pamela must comment and then you can click on their little faces.

Kara said...

Here's my face:o) Cute..isn't it??! Thanks for the shout of BFF!! CANNOT BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN SO LONG! We should have a friendship anniversary. Anyways..I can personally attest to the fact that you HAVE grown up significantly over the past year..spiritually,physically (kids and clara helped), and emotionally! Good for you girl. Thanks for the meme my friend..i will get right one that one;o) xoxox

Hanna said...

You are Ss-hooooo in denial. It's Baby Thyme... or baby time. Straight out of God's mouth. Really. Cause really God makes baby plants and baby people grow. Baby Thyme is definately God speak.
And so I think you had better rethink May... I am thinking that there is no real difference between May '10 and say October'09. Cause the weather is pretty similar. And harvest will be about over by October and then you will have a whole winter to snuggle up with a sweet little baby... :D And enjoy the fruits of your labors.
PS~I also enjoy Stranger in the Woods and Lost in the Woods. But I like Stranger in the Woods the mostest. It is way funner.

God the Father said...

Dear Very Special Daughter Jocelyn,
Did you get my message? It's baby thyme. So go make yourself a baby. You should probably go get Joe and let him help. It will make things much easier if he is involved.
Love, God

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