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Friday, July 31, 2009

Try this

So, a friend brought me some chocolate pudding. Which is good. But, I really should be eating yogurt, not pudding. So? I mixed it half chocolate pudding, half plain yogurt, and accidently made up a practically gourmet treat. It is so so good.
So, you should try it.
And, I made mulberry preserves. Mulberries are a LOT of work. But, I think, now that the work is done, that it was worth it. I have never had any jams, jellies, or preserves with such a rich flavor. Basic recipe: 1 cup fruit, 1 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon lemon juice. And a new trick: how to tell when it's jam- put a teaspoon of fruity stuff in question on a plate, and when cool enough, run your finger through it. If it doesn't run back together, but stays in two blobs, its done!
That trick worked for me. Quite well. Plus, you get to lick some jam (or almost jam) off your finger.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just in case...

Just in case the baby in my belly is a boy, I am going to need some boys' names.
So I don't end up with a Justin Case, who is a real person in Oppenheim, NY.
Rules: I need boys' names that are cool like Cade, but not trendy like Caden, Braden, or Jaden. Okay?


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two pictures and two precious gifts

My mom passed into glory one week ago today.
I was very happy to find this picture in my camera. It was taken a few weeks ago, the last time she was able to visit. See previous post- we had a good time.

And here is a pic (as is the new header) of the bouquet my sister and I chose for my mom from our kids. Flowers have never been more meaningful to me.

Thanks for your prayers- I'm doing okay. I can take some comfort in the fact that I held her hand as she was meeting Jesus.

I am also comforted by two gifts straight from heaven:

1. The last time my mom visited here she felt good, and we had fun, and cooked together. And I was aware of the fact that it could be the last time I ever cooked with my mom and I savored every second of it. I'm so glad I took the time to notice. That's a gift.

2. I was able to say a few words and play the piano at mom's funeral. I wanted to say something, but I was unsure what I could do without breaking down. The morning of the funeral, I was playing my mom's piano- "It is Well"- and God just calmed my heart. I knew that playing that song would express two things I have received from my mom- music and faith. That I was able to do that was a gift to me and to those who were there. That's the second gift.


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