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Monday, January 26, 2009

work it like a meme

Okay, so Joe did this thing over at the family blog: Top Photos of 2008.

So here are a few:

January 2008: (Joe)
April 2008: (Jocelyn)June 2008: (Jocelyn)August 2008: (Joe)October 2008: (Jocelyn)
November 2008: (Jocelyn)

Now, you go over to your own blog and post your top 5 pictures of 2008

Have fun.




DayPhoto said...

Those ARE beautiful! I love the Rainbow and the Sun with the porch, but the smiling children are perfect!


jes said...

HEY! I don't have a BLOG! But I have top 5 fav pics for 08... what's a girl 2 do? :D

jes said...

Oh- and your pics rock! :D

Sorry- 4got to say that in first comment ;)

Scribbit said...

THey really are pretty photos, I wish there was something more than snow to shoot here.

dreameyce said...

Your farm is so beautiful! I can't wait 'til we have a pretty barn *G*

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