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Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby boobs

I received this email one too many times this week. So now you all must pay.

This picture?

Makes me mad. Wanna know why? Because they focus on "cure" and by "cure" they mean extremely expensive ways to cut cancer off with sharp knives and burn it out with radiation and weird poisonous chemcials.

Why does that anger me so? What in the world do I want, if not a "cure?"

How about we "find" a responsible food industry that stops force-feeding her antibiotics, pathogens, free radicals, and articificial hormones all in the form of genetically altered and over-processed foods that her little body does not recognize and cannot digest or utilize properly so that her cells go haywire and are overcome by mutant cells in the form of cancer? How about that?

How about don't feed that precious little girl any of that crap so she doesn't grow boobs by the time she's eight and prevent cancer so we can forget about curing her?

How about that.

Tell her mom to plant a garden, buy local, and get a cow, so I can stop having one.

With love, as always,



Pamela said...

Aside from the whole Barack Obama thing, I think we may share a brain.

DayPhoto said...

My sister-in-law just passed away from a four-year long ordeal with colon cancer. After the first year of all the 'traditional' crap, the doctors said well we've taken all your money now go home and die.

Well, she and her husband didn't. She went to a clinic specializing in natural healing for cancer patients. They learned to eat differenlty, to eat organic, to juice twice a day a green juice made up of all sorts of bitter greens, they learned (and saw for themselves) that cancer LOVES SUGAR, feeds on sugar, so they move on to a life with natural sugar.

The cancer started disappearing, all except for the big old thing in her liver, off they went for a stem cell implant using HER OWN stem cells, not those 'other types' and the big tumor went away.

But what killed her....that first year of radical use. Too many colonopicys that thinned and perforated her intestins causing internal bleeding.

We have always eaten fresh, raised by us or local, shunned the medical profession if we can...this death at her early age of 62 is sad. Very sad.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Well said Joce!

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Amen sister! I like the way you think!


Rebz said...

Linda, I am so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law.
Losing a loved one to cancer and/or the incompetence of traditional medicine is so sad and so frustrating.

Carol said...

I like the way you think too Joce, and the way you write about it. I too know from experience what it's like watching a loved one with cancer try to navigate the medical world and make decisions...and my focus this year for my family is helping us to make smart, natural choices.

dreameyce said...

While I agree with you on taking charge of health, many of the cancer causing chemicals are in our soils, our water, and in our air. While we should be working legally to make the world safer, and cleaner, A LOT of damage has been done by generations before us, and now.

We can't blame cancer just on parents. We can't blame cancers just on diet. We can't even just blame cancers on life choices (smoking, and drinking). While those factors do come into play, there are others, and it will take a long time to clean the earth of those harmful sources.

A cure, and THEN work toward prevention, may actually be the best way to fight cancer. Much like while we know how to prevent AIDS now, we still fight for a true cure, because the causes are still out there. Knowing how to prevent, and knowing how to fend off the already started process (which generally takes decades to hold), are two completely differnt topics.

Also, while we may be lucky enough to have access to organic foods, and your own livestock, in most parts of the world, sadly, that's a luxury. Not everyone has access to 'organic' foods now. While those who CAN, should IMO take charge of their diet, and raise as much of their foods as possible, it's not possible for most to do so :)

JMOs :)

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