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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello! It's morning for me, but may not be morning by the time you read this, so I won't say good morning to you, but you should know that it is a good morning for me. I am awake, coffee in hand, dog walked, breakfast eaten, list made, and my kids are still sleeping. THAT is a good morning.
And, I had a really good walk with Bailey and God. The grass was sparkly with dew, and there was mist in the air and I could see my breath. I LOVE those kinds of mornings. So, I took my devotional book of hymns with me and meditated on the verse for today. And it's a good thing too, because I didn't quite get the first, oh, 20 times I read it. A lot of you who's and He who's and Him who's and such. I was like, who the heck are they talking about? But, God is faithful to bless those who read His word and I figured it out on my second loop.
The walk itself was a bit of a devotional today. The very first signs of the changing season were there. The seasons are all my favorite (except spring, really, it's kind of ugly). And when the next one starts to show up it makes me feel excited for the next thing that life is bringing me. Although it is always bittersweet because 'every new beginning is some other beginning's end.' But keep in mind that dark chocolate is considered bittersweet too and is quite enjoyable for those of us with an educated palate. Life is bringing me lots of new things.
Things like being the MOPS coordinator, and my LAST grad class!
Well, I just wanted to check in, not wrote a tome, so have a lovely day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello...for those of you wondering where the heck I am, I am outside. And I am very happy to be outside. But, it makes it hard for me to blog.
I am writing quickly, so if this post doesn't flow super well, that's why. I am writing quickly so I can go back outside. To weed my delicious onions, that's why. Pamela warned me this would happen, but here I am giving the preemptive "that' why" to every anticipated "why" question.

One quote: "Oh my goonness mommy, you just scared my hecks out of me." -Brilyn

One thing I am looking forward to: Camping out in our yard tonight. I especially like tin foil dinners (a meal of potatoes, burger, and onions cooked in a tin foil packet) and stockbrot (Snack made by molding bread dough around the end of a stick, cooking it in the fire, and then filling it with honey. Plus you eat it. Plus it's German.)

Word of the week: "Plus" (Anything may follow this phrase. It's like Ranch dressing it just goes wth anything.) -Brilyn

Cade has a word of the week, er, month for you too: "UP!" Must be pronounced with vehemence. Definition: "Something needs to change, I am not happy with the way things are right now." I really like that you can say so much with so little, so I may adopt this phrase-um- word. So, if I say "UP!" you know what I mean.

Brilyn has an imaginary friend. His name is Sean. Sometimes I respond to something
Brilyn has said, only to be informed that she was "talking to SEAN!" Let's just say I am really okay with this. Mommy's ears are tired. Actually, sometimes when I am cooking supper I say, "Go talk to Sean." And she GOES! That is really cool for me. I think I should get mommy-points for that one. Or, demerits, depending on your perspective.

I haven't written about Bailey because he is still more of a stress-inducer than stress-reducer. When that changes I will tell you more about him. I think it will change when we install invisible fence. I am looking forward to that. (Having it, not installing it.)

And now for my pictures:
Cade, being cute.
Brilyn, in my wedding dress.
A rainbow that actually landed in my was better than Lucky Charms.
Our beans are purple, but they turn green when you cook em, but if you rinse them in cold water, the water turns blue.
Brilyn likes the BIG blackberries we found growing behind a neighboring wheat field. YUM!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I must go outside to weed my onions. And they are really good on ka-bobs. OH! One more thing...Brilyn checked a book out of the library... Emeril's cookbook for kids. (Only my daughter...she was like, "Mommy! This book is about FOOD!") So, in it there are some wonderful yummy recipes, and something new for the spice cupboard... Baby BAM!
Love, love.

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