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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Waste not...

To begin, let me give you some background on my own upbringing, and subsequently, the raising of my children as well. Three important sayings to instill the value of conservation of resources:
1. Waste not, want not.
2. Take all you want, eat all you take.
3. Eat what you can, and what you can't eat- can.
And so, the other say I noticed that a number of pantry items had been nibbled by little rodents, namely, mice. And so I cleaned it all up and wrote a note to my hubby to set some traps ( and preferably empty them before I come downstairs in the morning. I am not fond of being greeted by squished little mousy faces before coffee.) The next day however, I made it downstairs just in time to hear this:
Brilyn: "What is that?"
Joe: "A mouse."
Brilyn: "What is it doing?"
Joe: "It's dead."
Brilyn: "Why is it dead?"
Joe: "It died in the trap."
Brilyn: "Did we kill it?"
Joe: "Yes."
Brilyn: "What are you DOING?"
Joe: "Putting it in the garbage."
Brilyn: "But if we killed it we have to EAT IT!"

LOL. This reminds me of the time last summer when we butchered some of our young roosters. We explained to Brilyn that since the roosters don't lay eggs, we kill them and eat them. Later that week, I heard her playing with Cade: "Cade hold still so I can kill you. You're a boy and you don't lay eggs, so we'll just have to eat you." Talk about radical feminism. LOL.

On to another topic. I read a great book, Chistmas with Anne and Other Stories, by L.M. Montgomery. I would just like to reiterate that if you want to become a better person, read the Anne books. Montgomery writes with such a tenderness toward humanity, it just makes you want to be nice to people. Even mean ones. She helps you remember that neurotic people probably have good cause to be that way, and a little kindness toward them just might make a difference in that person's life.

And now I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver. I think I am going to like it quite a bit. It might even join the ranks of Rural Renaissance and See You in a Hundred Years, two of my favorite books. I'll let you know.

Christmas was a big success. We gave gift baskets which included things like venison jerky, Sweet Peach wine, cherry cordial, blackberry cordial, apple butter, hot pepper and cranberry jelly, blackberry peach preserves, corned venison, and venison breakfast sausage (all of which we made with our own little hands) and other things like popcorn and dark chocolate and beer, which we didn't make, but we didn't pay cash money for either. Those items were traded for milk. And everyone seemed to really enjoy their gifts.

Our little family Christmas was fun as well. Brilyn received her wished-for pink fishing pole from Santa Claus, and Cade got a Hess truck. Their stocking were also well stocked with socks and underwear, tooth brushing equipment, and bath toys. Joe gave me the gift of music- he found someone to come give my piano the once over which will include, but may not be limited to, tuning, fixing the sustain and damper pedals, replacing ivories, and unsticking those keys which are currently quite stuck. Happy. And Joe received from Cade a travel tea mug that brews loose leaf tea in one minute, from Brilyn a set of gutting knives, and from me the game The Settlers of Catan. If you are unfamiliar with this game, please click on that link. I bought it for him because he likes it, and because I can beat him at it.

I will download some pictures of our Christmas when I find the camera. I have a feeling it is in Joe's hunting bag which is currently out hunting geese with Joe.

And now, what you've all been waiting for: It's almost my birthday! YAYAYAY! (I really like my birthday.)

Well, I am sure I will talking to you soon enough- I am looking forward to a new year and new daily routine that will allow for suppertime and three blog posts a week. We'll see how that goes.



Pamela said...

That Brilyn. She really takes your lessons to heart. There's a lot of people/things we could all stand to kill because they don't lay eggs. But then...the eating part...oh, never mind.

Hanna said...

That Brilyn. I love that girl. If Gracie was a boy I would totally arrange that marriage too...

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! Your daughter is a jewel!


Kara said...

Hey did we talk about that book. It was recommended to me a while back and I just got it out of the library! Crazy! Oh and are we doing a birthday countdown of any sort? That might be fun! Great day by the way! Love ya girl!

Rory said...

I love what comes out of children's mouths - keeps us young and laughing. Especially Brilyn's - love her!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. By the way, I like the Birthday countdown idea. Is this a significant one? Which one was your favorite as a little girl? Your favorite as a wife and/or Mom? We just need to know!!

Rebz said...

Ooh! Good bloggy topic Rory, I will be sure to cover it in my birthday post.

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