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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, I was planning on going to meet Bailey today, but his mommy is sick today and so we couldn't. To help myself get over the disappointment, I got a hair cut.

I didn't let Brilyn do it, although she obviously has talent in the cosmotology area.
The cool thing is, I went to Transformations in LeRoy like I always do, and who is there to cut my hair, but Heidi Kollarik! YAY! And, no offense to others who have cut my hair in the past, but, she did an absolutely fabulous job, really the best short hair cut I have ever had. I must recommend her.
My kids like to ride the vaccuum, and they are really cute, so here is a picture of that.

I love living on our little ten acre patch. There are so many really cool things about it. Here's a new one- we have black cherry trees. And they produced like crazy this year.

So, besides the gallons of cherry coridal we made (bet you want to come to my house around Christmas, don't ya?) I made a really quite beautiful cherry pie. I have never made one before in my life, so you have to understand how proud I am. And, it tasted as good as it looked.

And, I set it on the window sill to cool.

And then Joe took my picture. He didn't take it the way it appears here (ahem). I um, cropped it because my face didn't look very good. And that's the truth. So note to self and anyone else who has never pitted cherries by hand before...they spit at you. DON"T WEAR A WHITE SHIRT! Nasty little buggers.

Here's the recipe for the pie: Never mind, it was too good, I can't tell you.
And finally, please vote on Cade's hair...
Thanks folks!

Monday, June 23, 2008

This is fun...
This is what we are having for supper, except I will use fresh baby lettuce and baby beet greens instead of spinach.
Spinach Salad
3/4 c creamed cottage cheese
1/2 c sour cream
1 T sugar
5 t vinegar
2 t horseradish
1 t mustard power
1/4 t salt
Blend in mixer & toss with fresh spinach ( about 10 cups)
Add 1/2 c chopped pecans and a 1/2 c bacon pieces

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh Yeah- I forgot to post the the pictures from Adam and Nicole's wedding.
Bridesmaids: Andrea, Sundi, Jocelyn, and RoseLynn
The Beautiful Bride Nicole and Jocelyn and Andrea
Jocelyn and Sundi
Roselynn, Jocelyn, and Sundi

Here's Bailey- A National English Shepherd Rescue dog that we are considering adopting. We are planning to go meet him next weekend! How fun that will be. I hope that he likes us and fits right into our family. I have been praying that God would send us just the right dog for our situation, and he just might be the one.
Here are a few more of the promised pictures:
Brilyn and Daddy on the Tractor
A few juvenile delinquents we found hiding out in our barn...
Cade acting as a puppy for me one day when I needed a puppy fix...
BIG egg from a previous post-
Tiny egg we recently found-
Love ya!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Friday Morning.
I recently finished the Anne of Green Gables series. I am a different person because of it. There are not too many books or book series about which you can say that. Like Harry Potter- I LOVE Harry Potter, but reading that series did not change me. Because I have read the Anne books I am more compassionate, am more likely to see the good in people, have more respect for myself and women everywhere who minister to those around them through cooking and cleaning and gardening and visiting and running commitees and helping others and kissing boo-boo's. Self sacrifice and getting through hard times are not opportunities for pissing and moaning, but for "being a brick" and doing your part bravely. Bravery and duty are themes in the books and I am better for having read them. I hope you read them too. I will be reading Christmas with Anne this coming December if anyone wants to do a little holiday book club. Also: (thanks for the heads-up Pam) Present Tense bookstore in Batavia, NY is hosting an Anne of Green Gables picnic on Saturday, August 16th, at 1:00 pm. You need to RSVP so visit the website if you are interested. We can go together!
Next up: some cute pics. Enjoy!
Brilyn and Felicity taking a ride on Penny
Princess Brilyn in Jammies
Family Camping Memorial Day Weekend
Cade Pimpin on Felicity

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Brilyn and Cade's Birthday Party!

Waiting for Cake
Lighting the candles
Making a wish!
Let them eat cake!
Opening presents!
I will post more pics soon- I have a bunch stored up.

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