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Friday, January 23, 2009

WARNING: Extreme peppy-ness and crazy enjoyment of aging contained in the writing below to the point of obnoxious-ness and nausea.
Yep. Today's my BIRTHDAY!
And I like it!
And I am going out for dinner tonight!
And I had chocolate chips pancakes for breakfast!
And my baby girl keeps saying, "Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!"
And I am going to take a nap!
And read a book!
And eat more chocolate than previously considered humanly possible!
And start every sentence with and and end with an !
And it's all because I got borned! (This phrase is one of my particular favorites, got borned, that is.)
And, well, I oughta go do fun things, like eat ice cream and play Candy Land!
And I got lots of calls on my birthday and everyone sang me a birthday song!
And, YAY!


Teacupliz said...

Happy Birthday Joce... It is beautiful Weather just for you!
I am going to visit my BFF and make sure I tell her to call me her BFF and the story of you behind it. Taking her dinner for her birthday which was earlier in the week. Hugs and kisses... for a great day!!! Your day!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Joce! Hope its a great one!

Kara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AGAIN! I even gave some loven to you on my blogidy blog!! I am sending you a chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and strawberries on top!!!! LOVE YOU...your BFF!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Jocelyn! Enjoy your day!

threecollie said...

Happy Birthday!

Pamela said...

sorry i didn't call you. we have been running around like crazy chickens today. hope you have a fun night. (ahem) and (winkwink)

Hanna said...

Haha. Tee heee.
When I first read your blog I thought you said "And start every sentence with and and end with an !
And it's all because I got BONED!" I was like, "Nice, I have been a super influence on her."
...But then I read the rest. And I am no longer confused. But it was still funny in my head. haha

DayPhoto said...

Happy Birthday, Joce! We are both January babies...must have been a really neat moonlight night way back there in June because all of January people are now having really neat January birthdays!


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