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Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Friday

So, I am really loving Animal Vegetable Miracle, except for the author's constant barage of bogus eveolutionary theory. However, I still highly recommend the book, just as it was highly recommended to me. Very eye-opening and inspiring.
Well, I really shouldn't be sitting at the computer, my children are in the middle of lunch, and I like to sit with them and have conversations.
I just wanted to say "hi." And Happy Friday.


DayPhoto said...

Happy Friday to you!


Pamela said...

Wait until to you get to the chapter about turkey sex.

Hanna said...

Yeah, Turkey Sex... It's almost as good as Cow porn.
Ditto on the evolutionary mumbo jumbo crap. I did warn you about that didn't I? I like to reword it to stuff like, "when God made this specific plant to be just what our human bodies needed to survive this brutal world so that we can grow up and worship and love him for his superduper animal and vegetable and miracle and universe making abilities" Yup, that's what I do.

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