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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well, I need to post a picture of myself so people can see me. So here are a few.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Okay, and now for "redpantsdance."
Once upon a time, I went shopping with Joe's sisters. This was really an exercise of "sisterly bonding" since I loath shopping. However, we were in BonTon, looking for a fancy dress for Joe's sister to wear to a wedding. (Not exactly a difficult task since she is 5' 10'' and a size 6. EVERYTHING looks great on her.) Anyway, one of his other sisters (there is a whole herd of them) found these pants for 3 bucks! They were RED and STRETCHY -not my usual wardrobe material. However, she made the good point that they were only 3 dollars and also mentioned that she was buying them to wear when she got pregnant. To clarify, I think she meant while she was pregnant, not when she got pregnant.
Regardless, she convinced me to try them on. While in the fitting room, (as if taking clothes in there is going to change the way they fit) I decided to see how they felt to wear, since they weren't much to look at. So, I did a little bend, and little shimmy, and a big sway to the side. I couldn't believe how these pants could MOVE! I proceeded to dance around the fitting room until I started to work up a sweat. Needless to say, I bought the jazzy little red pants.
When I got home and tried to explain the purchase to my somewhat skeptical husband, (the pants were, in fact, still red) I used the dance as the trumping argument. He agreed (as has everyone else since) that despite their redness, these pants are well worth the $3.00 I spent on them.
Oh, and I am famous for my Red Pants Dance. It is often requested at parties and other various outtings. That's cool.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

In case you are wondering about 'Jubby Place,' I have provided the Duesler-Rebisz Unabridged definition for your benefit.

Jubby: One who (a) Doesn't have a job*, (b) has hair, and (c) used to be good at something but is not anymore.
*Job: A traditional passtime of going to work, acting and dressing in a professional manner, and producing something of value to society as a whole.

So, that includes many of us. And, if it excludes you, don't feel too bad. You are of a privileged class. (And you can probably remember a time when you were lovingly embraced by our numbers.)


Jocelyn (The wearer of the Red Pants)

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