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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Words this Wednesday

So, I can't find the camera. My guess is that it is in Joe's hunting bag somewhere. But he keeps it out on the front porch, and it is just too cold out there for me to do a thorough looking. So no new pics for you today.
Good news though. The guys are here to install our new woodstove.

That's a picture of our stove model, but ours is green. And that's not our dog.
Speaking of dogs, Clara has a new nickname- Puppy. Because she is the happiest little cow you have ever seen. Each morning as Joe leads her out the pasture, I run ahead with her little grain bucket complete with a garnish of 3 apples. As soon as she sees me put that grain dish down, she starts trotting. And by the time they near the gate, she breaks into a full run and throws her head. This is very funny in real life. Remember this is a full-grown cow we're talking about here.
And, if one of us should take a walk near her fence, she runs over, lets out a big friendly moo, and proceeds to follow us as far as her fence permits. And then she looks at us with big cow eyes. But, I ask myself, what other kind of eyes could she possibly use to look at us?
Anyway. One more thing. Cade likes to talk. And he says just about everything. If you can decipher it. Keep in mind he is only 18 months as of tomorrow. So this morning I put his little amber necklace on him that is reputed to have analgesic properties that could ease his pain of teething. And, as we walk down the stairs, he pats his little neck and says, "Po diddy."
After a few seconds of processing the syllables uttered within context, I say, "Oh. You think your necklace is so pretty." Emphasis on the correct letter sounds.
To which he responds with vigorous nodding of the head and the reiteration of "Po diddy."
And, I hate to gender role the poor child, but I did. I said, "You look very handsome today." And I have ulterior motives on that one. Because, if Joe finds out that Cade thinks he is Po diddy, Joe will make me cut off his golden ringlets. Because, the truth is, Cade really is po diddy.
But, honestly, he's gonna have to be handsome for the rest of his life. This is his only opportunity to be pretty. So indulge me.
And po diddy is a really cute thing to hear a pretty baby say about himself. So to heck with the handsome bit. I'm gonna go kiss my baby's curly head, because he's po diddy.

But, as you can see, the pretty baby doesn't really like his picture taken. LOL.


threecollie said...

He is a beautiful boy no two ways about it! I had a great laugh picturing Clara. folks who don't have cows have no idea.

Pamela said...

Po, po diddy baby. Why did you make po diddy baby cwy wif you big nasty camewa?

That's what my po diddy baby would say.

Rebz said...

LOL. Laughing out loud, laughing at cows, laughing at the po diddy babies, and whoops! Choking on a peanut.

Carol said...

He is diddy! Shaun said both kids are adorable in person, life sounds fun at Tillaboro Orchard. ~Carol

Hanna said...

Po diddy! LOL At first I thought Po diddy, as in P. Diddy, as in "Yo Ma, Check out my Bling"
Yes, the randomness of Hanna... again.

Rory said...

I love your writing because I can just imagine Puppy aka Clara heading out to pasture - her expressions and yours! What you're saying to her, what you're wearing, how happy you are, 'cuz you got the goods and Clara's been "set free" for the time being. And why not, she's got grain with the garnish of apples - what cow wouldn't love that! Wished I lived next door to share your enjoyment!!
Happy 18th months, Cade! You're po diddy to me, tears-n-all!

DayPhoto said...

I love the photos! I love the baby!

This is just great!


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