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Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Arrival

Yep, Clara's preggers. But I'm not, so don't plan a double shower or anything. LOL.


Anonymous said...

shall we have a cow baby shower.
How did the candle party go?

Pamela said...

it's probably easier to get you pregnant than clara. so be careful what you say, there, missy!

Sophia said...

why, the little heffer!

you should buy her some nursing bras.
was this a planned pregnancy?

Rebz said...

LOL. Sophie that is so funny, I had to read it to Joe.

DayPhoto said...

Wonderful! And do YOU want another of your own?


Hanna said...

You had my hopes up for a moment, woman.
Pretty please won't you get preggers? I would really really enjoy a preggers friend... well, another preggers friend.
JOE! Take one for the team! Get this girl knocked up! (Err, by that I mean Jocelyn... although I did enjoy our little hand job, errr, handsie, or whatever!)

Rory said...

OMIGOSH, Joce! So many emotions for you, I'm sure. I don't mean to be nosy, but do you know who the father is? hahahaa! I hope all "that bedroom" talk that you and Joe had in the barn the other day didn't prompt this, ahhahaa!!! And how should we refer to you now? Gramma Joce? Hahahhaaaa!!
Okay, just had to say it!!

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