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Friday, November 21, 2008

Various quotes

Cade's quote of the day: "MEE-OH, Mee-oh, MEE-OH!" (Read it out loud, it means oatmeal oatmeal oatmeal.) Oatmeal is something he really likes.

Jocelyn's quote of the day: "The part I don't like about getting up early is the part where I'm in bed and have to get up." Strong philosophical base to that logic, eh? What I meant by that is once I'm up, I'm generally happy and energetic, but not so much while I'm still in bed.

Brilyn's quote of the day: "It's not Christmas yet? But it's SNOWING!"
(Welcome to New York, hunny.)

And, one good thing I learned from Cade this week- unplug the TV. (He's not really supposed to do that though, it's dangerous what with the electricity and all.) As much as I like PBS Kids, sometimes I have just had enough of Sid the Science Kid. And Brilyn gets attitude every once in a while, like zombie attitude. Like, she doesn't want to do anything but look at the TV. So, my new parental leverage is, if you don't have a lovely happy face, I unplug the TV. YAY! Happy day for all.

Well, my BFF is coming to visit me today, so I will go attend to some things now so I don't have to do them later.



threecollie said...

If you keep it unplugged when you aren't watching it you will save a ton of electricity too, which is a nice side benefit. Have a great day!

DayPhoto said...

And if you generate your own electricty you know what that means.

We don't but we have friends who do. Although.....I have found when I have fighting grandkids over the toon network works wonders to calm me down.


P.S. May I linke to you? If you do decide I can would you leave me a comment on my blog letting me know. I don't always check backwards on the blogs I visit so may miss your approval.

Pamela said...

Martha 'Marsha' The Dog is pretty annoying, but I would probably shoot Sid the Science Kid if I had the chance.

And I am so with you on the getting out of bed thing. Except for I'm not *actually* with you...but I think you know what I mean.

Have fun with your biff.

Rory said...

Love today's comments. Reminds me of yonder years. All those new words. I tried to write them down as to remember what they were.
And yes, the TV attitude doesn't stop there. It goes beyond. Beware. I call it the disney attitude for the 10 year old.

For your quote of the day, which I resemble - in our house, I'm referred to as the bed-head, so welcome aboard! Bed is so great and comfortable when you're in it, why ruin a good thing by getting out of it? Especially now in the cold.

any way, later-gator,

Anonymous said...

HEY- Joce-
If Clara did not come into heat THursday.. It means she is bred. She is such a easy cow.... After months of trying my Brown Swiss is not comfirmed bred. UGG..
Have a great day love you blog makes ms smile-Liz

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