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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad Day

Let me just add that the turkey I am currently cooking weighs 37 pounds. Yep.
We are currently entering hour 2 of the 9 hour cooking time. Mmm hmm.
And, the weird weather created a down draft for my new woodstove, so I have aired my house out twice today. That means there is snow in my couch. And, that also means that the smell of smoke is what woke me from my sweet dreams this morning. Yep. And that also means- never mind I am not going to complain about Joe in this post.
Also. I did not eat before noon today. That is not good for my body or my mood or my family. And, I am cooking a 37 pound turkey, did I mention that? And then I have to leave for dinner tomorrow by 9:30 in the morning. ! . That means I don't get to watch the bleeping parade. That's all I like to do. Watch the parade. Every year, I say to myself, this year I will stick up for myself and make sure that I get to watch the parade. BUT NO! I am unable to do that. BAH! HUMBUG!
And now I need to clean my house. So I can pack. So I can go visit my family tomorrow after visiting with Joe's family. And, I want to! But I don't want to clean my house and pack! While Joe is happy hunting in the woods. Without children. Bah.
Whoops! No complaining about Joe. Joe is a mostly awesome guy. I am just hungry. And hungry makes me grumpy. As does the current state of my house, and the prospect of packing, and cooking this huge ass turkey. It really does have a huge ass. So the use of a crass word is warranted. Yeah.
Okay, you may be wondering as is my stomach- why don't you go eat something instead of writing this grumpy blog post? So. I will. Go eat, that is. And clean my house. That is cold but still smells like smoke. Bah.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! From the bottom of my, ah, heart.


Pamela said...

And I thought I had a big ass. Turkey.


Don't worry. Yesterday I said my very bad MOPS...over the blankityblanky cheesecake. It happens. And I can video the parade. You can watch it on Saturday and have your own private Thanksgiving and be thankful that you're home on Private Thanksgiving.

threecollie said...

That is some turkey! I hope today all is better for you and the stress of preparations and cleaning on top of all your regular work is behind you. Take care!

Kara said...

Wow! Turkey at your house for the next few months.

I am here in Charlotte with my dad who said the downdraft usually means your chimney isn't long enough. If you had it installed, you should call the place because they can fix it. there is my fix for you snowy living room situation!

Enjoy Thanksgiving with the whole fam-damn-ly.

Love you..Kara

Rory said...

okay, all I can say is this... good thing you weren't back at the old neighborhood on Wednesday cooking. Let's just say your 9 hour turkey would've taken 12-13 hours since the pole down the road caught on fire at the transformer! Thank goodness my pie came out okay! There is a bright side to everything.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. ;0)

Sophia said...

lol this WAS hilarious Jocelyn, thanks!
Hope you had a great day with your family...and hubby's who hunt while the wife is doing other stuff....hmmm..well don't get me started! ha

Rebz said...

Thanks for all the support ladies. And Pamela, I'll take that video if you have it. And I'll watch it on Tuesday night when I get home from my Last Class.

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