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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Alright, keeping it light this morning.
Now that it is officially November, beware that I am a Christmas enthusiast. I will post some Halloween pics as soon as I find the camera and download them. For today though, here are two great pics I received via email.
Now, don't call DSS or anything, but I am seriously considering this innovative parenting technique. aka Redneck Time-Out
And this... almost makes me homesick, LOL. Well, it at least makes me want to eat turkey and drink beer.
Happy First Day of November!


threecollie said...

The bottom one was hilarious (I've seen the top one before). I laughed right out loud! Thanks!

Jes said...

Oh look- there is Kaleb in his HEMI hat! LOL =D

Rebz said...

Threecollie, Glad to make you laugh.

LOL- I knew I recognized it.


Pamela said...

You mean we're not supposed to duct tape our kids to the wall?

I'll be right back...

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