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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Take it to the Lord in prayer...

Thank you all for your prayers. God granted me some much-needed and hard to find peace this weekend. And, He was definitely with my mom, she was able to stand up and walk around a little this morning without vomiting. That means the brain tumors are shrinking. Please keep praying for my mom's health.
And, Clara is behaving better and better each milking! And this morning, one of the half-gallon jars of milk from last night's milking had separated: half milk, half cream. Imagine being able to buy 50% milkfat whole milk at the store. Oh wait you can, it's called half and half. LOL!

And here she is- Clara Bell!

And all of you dairy folks out does she look? Is she too skinny or just very dairy? Let me know if you think I need to plump her up.

As you can see, she is a snobby cow, maybe even one of those SHOW COWS!

I had to take the video out, sorry. I just got really sick of hearing it though, LOL. Feel free to go here if you really want to watch it again.

Other pics:

Our new tractor

Brilyn with her yummy Arkansas Black apple
The tree from which she picked said apple




Kara said...

Cannot wait to come see Clara!! B looks so grown up now! Beautiful hair.

Merry 46 days to Christmas little friend..

Rory said...

Glad for the bit of good news at both ends. Always love the pics! Brilyn is just beautiful, like her Mommy. As for Clara's plumpness... well, I guess I'll just have to come and see her for myself and can't wait. I do love how you coordinate the video and the Clara attitude picture - great sense of humor, girl. Her picture says a thousand words - if we could only read what's on her mind, mmmmmm... LOL, maybe?!?!

DayPhoto said...

I am so glad for your Mother! So very glad. I am glad for you! To have to do chores with people sick is hard, hard, hard. A farm isn't a place where call in and take a day off because someone else needs you, it just goes on and on. Our prayers as still with you and yours.


Healthy Living said...

Hi Joce-
Had to stop by to see how Clara is.
I miss her and funny thing my husband misses her also. His camera phone is full of pics of her. LOL
I am glad she is being better for you. She was always a good girl. so, I was worried.
Glad your mom is feeling better too. Love the pics and the movie clip. Liz
PS- she looks just right look at that fat tummy...

Rebz said...

Hey Liz, good to see you here!
Come back often.

Anonymous said...

Hey- Joce..
I am back.
My blog is not as interesting as yours. smile.
Mine is a easy way to post to my milk buyers. I have a paid site and am not smart enough to do updates.
I would like to have one like yours.
I use face book to stay current with family.

jes said...

cute cow =D

m yoder said...

Cow looks extremely refined with loads of dairy quality from the tip of her nose to her tail. She shows adequate spring of both fore and rear rib with desirable openness and capacity to her barrel. She is broad about the muzzle and carries that width back through her rump.

Rebz said...

MIKE, glad to see you this weekend, and your comment was coming back for.

Rebz said...


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