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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Final paper

And by final, I mean the last one in the foreseeable future. *Happy Dancing*
So, please, tell me to stop writing on my blog and start writing my paper. And wish me luck. And congratulate me on completing a 60 credit Master's in Mental Health Counseling.
My paper is about my working theory of how to do supervision of counseling.
It's only 8 pages. Isn't that funny? To say only eight pages? When I started my freshman year at Roberts Wesleyan College, 3 pages stressed me way out. Now, you have to say something like, ah, 35 pages to get the same rise out of me. 8 pages is now one afternoon of work. That is just funny to me when I get retrospective.
So, anyway. Enough of the past and on with the future. Which right now requires an afternoon of work on my part. And my friend Marilyn is watching my kids, so I can write write write. And not on my blog. PLEASE! Someone tell me to go write my paper! The afternoon is slipping away!
Okay enought of that. No, wait- don't you like my new Christmas-y background? Go to to get yours. Cause it's easier to decorate your blog than you house. You don't feel like you have to clean it first. LOL.
Anyway, now I am really going to go write my paper.


threecollie said...

Congratulations on that Master's! Beautiful background...hope the paper is going well!

Kara said...

YEAH!!!! So glad you are a "master" now! good luck on your LAST will miss it some day..hahah! Talk to you tomorrow friend! xoxox Kara

Anonymous said...

Go write your paper. LOL
Is it just my old eyes who can not read your new print color?

How is Clara Beara?


Carol said...

Congratulations on your final paper! That is quite an accomplishment. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.Carol

Pamela said...

Paper schmaper.
Go milk the cow.

DayPhoto said...

Hey! That is really great! Congratulations on your Masters! Good for you!


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