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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Imaginary Friends and other important things

So, the point of this post is to quickly write some of this stuff down before it changes and I forget.
Brilyn's imaginary friends.
Names and genders:
Collin, boy; Sean, boy, Michael, boy; Cramo, boy; Camela, girl; Kreesa, girl.
So those are just so funny to me. And they are really a big part of her life. For example, she asked if we could take the 'Jeep-car' trick-or-treating so those listed above could come too. (We took the Corolla, but assured her that her friends would be okay in the trunk.)
And Cade. He says really funny things. Like "Yab-uh-dee" and "Bee-duh-buh" a lot.
And, I finally figured out what he has been singing since he was 10 months old. It sounds like "Bee-bah, bee-bah" But now his ability to carry a tune has evolved and I came to realize he is singing the Clean Up Song. "Clean up, clean up" (everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.) He does not yet sing the parts in the parantheses.
So, those are just some things I want to remember about this fleeting stage of my bobbins' development. Because, it really wasn't too long ago that they looked like this:


DayPhoto said...

I just happened to find your blog. I must say that I love your photo on your header.

As soon as I have time I am going back through all your pages to get to know you.


Rebz said...

OH! And Brilyn calls her slinky- "my sneenkily." Don't want to forget that.

Rebz said...

Thanks Linda!
I'll have to head on over to your blog, too!
Nice to meet you.

Pamela said...

And me? I'm Camela personified. Camela is my alter-ego. You never knew I was so complex, did you?

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