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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unofficial Guest Blogger

God is amazing. He coordinates our lives so intricately and we never know where our influence on others and on this world begins or ends.

Le Ann probably doesn't know where her burden for opening her heart and her mouth for orphans specifically began or where it will end. But one result is me. My heart for orphans was prepped by God (and L.M. Montgomery) and unlocked by Le Ann's ministry of New Horizons for Children.

I prayed hard this morning about blogging and hosting and lo and behold- this is the first email in my inbox today:

"Dear Friends and Families of New Horizons for Children,

The clock is ticking quickly. Blink and a child loses hope and so much more.
Please see the link below for the file of
Children to Pray For!  Deadlines are quickly approaching! Asian deadline is  MONDAY OCTOBER 21.
Eastern European deadlines begin SUNDAY OCTOBER 27.

My perspective has only gotten stronger, after sitting in an orphanage in China now for well over a week. One has a lot to take in, with the time to take it in, and be thankful. But more, I have realized I have a lot to learn and hear from my Holy Spirit who shouldn't have to put me here to listen! The thoughts that go through my mind on an hourly basis are such that I can't explain many times. The children who rush to me when we walk over to the chow hall to have a meal, just to say "I LOVE YOU!" or just to get a hug open my eyes to see what He would have me to see.  The result for the kids is a smile that never ends and warmth in their heart saying, "I was special to ONE!"
The result for me... well, I get numb at times, but it warms my soul; my life is again, forever changed for the better. It shows me what I have in "things" and "creature comforts" that are meaningless and there are far greater joys in the world besides something we buy in stores. Yes, I complain to those anxiously waiting at home on our return, (mine and our new son, Kevin who lives here as well)..."I am sick of Chinese food three times a day." But, after the adults finished their abundant lunch today, Kevin sneaks in to ask for some rice as he is still hungry. As a mom, I desire to give him all the food that is left before me, but as someone who sees the other 80 little children who have no mom in which to even ask... it kills me inside.
My perspective is something I have to continue to share; the burden is too great.
Last night, I went to visit with the other two Americans who live here and work with the children teaching them about their self-worth and that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them dearly.  They had four of the older boys come to visit their room in the orphanage seeking Ray, their wrestling buddy! The boys were there to wrestle with a "dad figure" and try out an "elastic-exercise-band" that he will demonstrate and share with them. While we all laughed and encouraged them to try their best, it was also sad that none of them could stretch the bands as well as the gentleman who is retiring next week after four years of service in China, and returning to the USA. These teen boys are so weak, under-nourished and have so little muscle mass they couldn't do it.
But, in these servants’ eyes, they have hope for a future. 
Jeremiah 29:11 says: "For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.' "


How can you give them HOPE?
Much of the hope these boys have comes  from families, such as your own, getting ready to start their shopping lists for Christmas or planning a summer vacation. But, instead, a family chose to answer the Call and went on a family mission trip together with one of these children. The map on the wall of this room in the orphanage shows each child's photo that went on one of our hosting programs in 2013. It has a photo of each child and a string attached from the photo to the destination in the USA where he or she has been...and has been loved and shown the care of a Christian family who made a sacrifice. Sacrifice? YES, financial, emotional, physical in some regards. But, these kids all know they mattered to ONE when they see this wall, they have HOPE for a FUTURE.

Are you going to matter? NHFC promotes the starfish as our unofficial mascot, and relates the story of "this one matters" in the legend of a young boy walking on the shore tossing beached starfish back into the water "of life". An older man sees the boy and questions, "How can you hope to make a difference since there are literally millions who you won't be able to save?" The boy replies, "But, I made a difference to THIS ONE."

There are enough orphans in the world, if they stood side by side, they would circle the earth TWICE!
In thinking through this now, This ONE is also referring to each of our host families! This ONE FAMILY answered the Call and hosted an orphan child who now feels loved, has self-worth, knows THEY matter! Best of all, they KNOW THEY MATTER TO OUR FATHER! They are not forgotten, unless you choose to forget and move on.

It takes ONE to SAVE ONE.

Now is the time. Now is the end and now is their hope for ONE--- such as your family. Christmas is the best time of the year to step up... it's the giving season, it is the season of Love and the season of our Father who loved us so much, He gave his ONE son for our life. We now have eternal Life and we know He cares and we matter! It's our turn to pay it forward as Fathers and Mothers and teach our own children-- show them-- the greatest gift of all...
The kids' bags are packed... well, really, there is nothing for them to pack, but in their minds, they are ready to go. But, each one knows they must be considered and chosen by ONE family. 

Is that your family this time?
Psalm 119:105 says:
"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." 
Can you believe enough, have the faith of a tiny mustard seed, and take a step onto that path?

Want to take your family on a mission trip for Christmas? For the price of just one person, your whole family can participate in a 4 week Mission Trip, and you won't even need to pack a suitcase... we will send the Mission to your home! Through New Horizons for Children, you can minister to an orphan from Eastern Europe or Asia around your own Christmas tree. It's a life changing opportunity to share God's love with a child who may never have experienced it before!

children to pray for 10.14.13 jpg 2Click here to see just a short list of the children to pray for! Please complete the short form at this link to view the photos of available host children.

E. Europe Photolisting

Contact your regional coordinator for more information on any of these wonderful children! Click here.

WHAT? You can't host a child over Christmas? Well, there is yet ONE more gift to consider giving!
We have a pressing need right now: if any these available children were to receive a scholarship towards their hosting costs, they have an increase of 80% in being selected for Christmas or a future hosting.  Every hosting season, it can be difficult to provide large sums of money for these scholarships. But we have recently created a program where you don’t need a large amount to help—every little bit will help change these children's  lives.  You can partner with us through our new "Agape Fund": a monthly giving fund that will allow you to give a little bit each month in support of our program. Note your funds are for scholarships for a specific country, scholarships for siblings, or as a general donation. 
Click here for more information on the new Agape Fund!

MOST OF ALL the Agape fund provides NHFC with donations that can be applied immediately where the need is greatest!  Your partnership in this program is invaluable and will help us serve the children of Eastern Europe, China, and the Philippines even more effectively.

Anyone who signs up to give a monthly amount of $10 or more will receive a special gift!  All donations are tax-deductible.

May God bless you on your journey!

Le Ann Dakake, Director of Orphan Hosting Programs
New Horizons for Children

New Horizons for Children
3950 Cobb Pkwy, Suite 708
Acworth, Georgia 30101"


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