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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Open heart children

When I think about it, one of the most impactful jobs I have is as a mother to my children.
I can open my mouth on my blog and pray that it hits people in the heart and that followers of Christ follow Him more passionately and that people who don't know Jesus yet will come to know and trust Him.
But with my kids? I have the opportunity to create a legacy that outlives me.
If I pour into my kids the love of Christ, they can share it.
If I don't just blog about it, but actually host an orphan, they learn something I can't teach you.
If I ask for a gift from Gospel for Asia for Christmas, they get to give a gift that means something.
They will learn to choose gifts from GFA and Samaritan's Purse and hopefully see the emptiness of Macy's glitz and Sears' WishBook greed.
If I play "Saint Nicholas" VeggieTales movie every year, and take them shopping to fill their shoe boxes for kids the same age and gender as themselves, their memories of Christmas won't be about their lists of what they want, but about lists of what they are going to buy for others.
If I focus on teaching my kids the TRUE true meaning of Christmas, and if Santa is not the guy who brings them stuff, but is the guy who inspires them to GIVE. Oh! Just think of what that might mean. Just think of how far this could go! It places our focus on Christ and family, right where it should be.

This year we'll be using this resource to focus our hearts, every day, during Advent. You can use it too!

Let's teach kids about giving! Let's teach kids to open their hearts to others! Let's teach kids to open their mouths for the poor, orphaned, widowed, needy!
(Go TEAM!) ?
Forgive the amount of CAPS and ! I'm really excited. I hope you are, too.

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