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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too busy for a real post today...but I thought I would state why that is.
To do: (Not in order)
20 lbs apples sauce, cook and can
Fish chowder for supper
Buy 500 lbs dairy ration
300 lbs layer crumble
Go to orthodontist to get bottom braces off! YAYAYAYAY!
Wash baby's clothes
Sew Joe's barn jacket
Pick up milk jars from Ace
Be glad fence is up
Think briefly about whether and what I should dress up as for Halloween
Listen to Brisingr (book on tape, while doing quiet jobs)
Carve pumpkins with kiddos
Bake delicious bread to go with supper
Other un-listed items


Kara said...

I wonder if your yummy bread is the recipe I gave you earlier..if so..YOU WILL BE HOOKED!! Cannot wait to meet "Bessy the Cow" xoxo Kara

Pamela said...

i keep forgetting to order jars for me. crapadoo.

Rebz said...

LOL. Pamela. Just say the word and I'll order them.
Kara. Yes, the bread I had on my list to make yesterday, I made this morning, and I mostly followed your recipe. I used maple syrup instead of the sugar. I just couldn't bring myself to use the sugar.

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