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Friday, October 24, 2008

Okay, three thoughts for the day:
1. ANTI biotics. So, the sinus infection? Not really a sinus infection- Cade is just not-so-gracefully pushing four huge molars through. So, that means, my doctor wanted to write him a prescription for antibiotics for, that's right, teething.
2. Cade the not-so-graceful teething boy has been crying for two weeks straight. Yeah, so I am ready for the asylum. Willingly, mind you, I would go if my insurance would cover it. But that's not going to happen, because I can't find anyone to babysit. And Joe's out in the (insert expletive here) woods. So, that means my days go like this:
Cade cries all morning. And by that, I mean he follows me around moaning with the occasional shriek thrown in. If I pick him up, he BEEPS my nose a few time, then struggles to get down. At which point he resumes the followin/moaning/shrieking cycle. This crying acts on my brain like some kind of interference or reset button or something and I constantly forget what I am trying to do. Like empty the dishwasher, or wash diapers, dry diapers, fold diapers, put away diapers, etc. Every few minutes I look up and wonder where I am and why I am here. I take a loop around the house (complete with following/moaning/shrieking baby entourage) and try to locate whatever I job I was trying to do. This isn't as effective as you might think because I either find more jobs that need to be and start those, or, I find more than one job that I have started. So, by the time my dear sweet following/moaning/shrieking child is ready for his blessed nap, my house- is a disaster. So then I am faced with a decision. Do I take a nap? Or do I try to complete some of the many unfinished tasks around my house? And, this my friends, is a great example of the proverbial "rock and a hard place." If I take a nap, I wake up to (surprise!) a crying baby! A still-tired mommy. And a messy house. AHHHH! And if I clean my house, my house cleaning frenzy will certainly come to an end with (surprise!) a crying baby. And an exhausted mommy. And, in ten short minutes, a messy house. It all seems so hopeless.
3. Finally, I have a question. All you mommies and or logical/rational/problem solving folks out there: What is the correct order in which to clean up a baby after a meal? Here are the steps, you put them in order for me please.
Wash baby's face, wash baby's hands, clean up the floor, wash the tray, brush crumbs (by that I mean entire meal) from high chair seat, brush off baby's clothes, take bib off. Please, somebody tell the RIGHT way to do this. Because no matter what order in which I have done them so far, something that has not been cleaned yet gets something that has been cleaned dirty again.

Okay, that's all for now, must go make dinner for husband in the woods. And let me tell you, he's not out of the woods yet.


Pamela said...

pre #1. if your tray is not removable, removeable?, stand child up in high chair to complete steps 1-4.
1. take bib off
2. brush off baby's clothes
3. Wash baby's hands
4. wash baby's face
5. remove baby from entire situation by locking in the closet until the coast is clear
post #5, non-removeable tray. wash tray. knock massive chunks of food into hand, tiny blobs on floor.
6. brush crumbs (by that I mean entire meal) from high chair seat
7. clean up the floor
8. let baby out of the closet
9. wash the tray, supposing your tray is removeable.

I spent a lot of time considering this. I hope it helps.

And the brain reset thing? ALWAYS go for the nap. Because if things are crappy, a nap won't hurt you.

Kara said...

This too is a challenge for us Riedl's. Here is how I do it...note that my high chair will not win the award to cleanest high chair, but who has time to take it outside for a good spray down after every meal.. okay.
1. take off bib
2. remove tray and place on table for later washing.
3. wash hands
4. wash face
5. stand up for a brush off if needed
6. let baby down to run around like a madman
7. pick up big chucks of food and brush remaining on floor for later sweeping fest or call the dog!
8. wash tray and return to chair.

Hope that helps.

Love you girl!! Your a good mommy...don't forget that! AND NAPS are more important than housework!

Oh...and I think you should gate Cade into the play room so he cannot follow you around the house. Then purchase some ear plugs!

xoxoxo Kara

Rory said...

Well, Joce, this too shall end beleive it or not. So as you wander aimlessly from room to room in a stupor, try to keep focused.... gifts from God these little ones are. Try to remember to be thankful "in this storm" - that his teeth are coming in (yes all at once it seems), he's healthy, you're home to comfort him, your great house, okay, even Joe (maybe), etc. That means let the housework go - who cares? I know, hard. Do the absolute minimum. Put yourself in Cade's shoes. His comfort is his Mommy. So, be there for him.... cuddle him, watch a movie(s), give him popcicles to eat all day if need be(?), take a nap with both kids at the same time if need be. Time is fleeting (they grow up fast!). And remember, when you take care of yourself (meaning take a nap - you probably need it!!!), then you can take care of your kids. As for Joe, well, lets hope he never gets a tooth ache any time soon, hahhaa?!?!?! Because I don't think there'll be much pity from you, huh?
As for the high chair dilemna... well, I can't help there, my child ate with toothpicks until kindergarden, not much mess there, sorry I can't be more helpful.
Remember, when you're sleeping, everything is going well then!
Lots of love, lots of prayer, you go girl!
I don't think it's too much to request for a spa treatment from Joe for Christmas, do you??!?!!!?

Anonymous said...

Who is your DR? We see the PA Christine Howard at Byron Family Health who is very good with alternatives. She raised four also. Love her!!!

All I could figure to do when the boys were in that merciless teething state was to kill the pain with ibuprofen and figure out their favorite cold chew thing (we used large raw carrots, frozen toys, washclothes). There has to be something you can do for the pour kid (and pour mommy). Again.. may have a tip for numbing gums. The What to Expect book may have tips I've long forgotten as well.

I vote nap too! You can always set a timer if just want a power nap and then get a few things done before he wakes up, but again there are days when there is absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping the whole time he does.

As for the cleaning procedure... I used to put the tray in the sink, wash hands, then face, remove bib, stand up in chair, brush off crumbs, put child on other side of gate that kept him out while I cleaned up the mess...hose down tray in sink, wipe off bib, wipe down high chair, sweep up floor. When we were in a REALLY messy phase, I had a cheap shower curtain liner cut in half that I placed on the floor under the high chair.. Sometimes this helped save my sanity with clean up too.

Sorry this is so long:)

Rebz said...

Hey all you awesome ladies- thanks for the tips and encouragement. I like the closet idea...LOL. and Melody, you wrote pour mommy- I agree with that! Pour mommy a half a glass of Maker's Mark! LOL.
Love ya's.

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