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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I wrote this as a comment on another blog- but it pretty much sums up my thoughts on abortion. So I figured I would post it in this pre-election time. Think about the candidates please. And consider carefully. This is an important topic.

(Please excuse the lack of a lead-in.)
I cannot say that abortion is a reproductive right. Or that making it legal makes it better. Abortion is not a good choice. I refuse to choose. Between women and children. I believe it is wrong to force women to choose between sacrificing her education or career plans and sacrificing her child. Women deserve better. Abortion is one more way for men to exploit women. "FREE SEX! NO BABIES! NO WORRIES!" For whom? For him. Because it is not free for her. Abortions are invasive- physically, emotionally, and psychologically. For whom? For the woman. Keeping abortion legal keeps it easy for the culture to keep telling women that their primary value is sexual.
And keeping it legal is confusing- we say, "It's wrong and awful, but we need to keep it as a right for the people it hurts the most (Almost the most, I think it hurts the baby more, but stay with me here). And finally, there are such things as absolutes- and killing little people is absolutely wrong. And keeping it legal keeps it looking like it must be the only choice and keeps women thinking that giving up their bodies and their children is the only thing of value that they have to give. And it makes them kill their babies. And that is not good for anyone's heart. Indiviually, and as a nation. Abortion is bad for our hearts.

PS, Check out Feminists for Life: (And, I just found out, Palin's a dues-paying member.)


manda said...

hey jocelyn - i enjoy reading your blog! great post on abortion.

Farmlife Chick said...

Hmmm, interesting. I don't think abortion is the man's fault here nor has the blame game ever solved anything. Women are free to choose who they sleep with and whether or not they want to practice "safe" sex. That's where the 1st choice comes in to play. Abstinence would be the safest, but clearly that is not the path most often chosen. If women want respect, they need to respect themselves. Women valuing their careers over having a baby is their choice. Women have made huge advances in equal rights etc. If they really wanted abortion gone they would remove it. But, it's usually the woman fighting for abortion and her right choose. I'm sure pointing the finger at men is not the answer. I would ask the feminists what they think about loosing their right choose. I dare say they would not give up their right to choose. Nor will they give up having "free" sex. The man's fault? I think not.
The problem lies with in the heart of every man and woman. Disobeying God and his plan for families is the cause of this sin.

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