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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here's my garden report for the year:
From Jung:
H Rainbow Heirloom Mix Tomato: C. Very pretty, but not great growers or tasters.
Royal Burgundy Purple Pod Bush Bean: A+. Very pretty, awesome grower, very yummy.
Ruby Queen Beet: A. Pretty, good grower, tasty. Nice and tender, and won me second place for my pickled beets at the Genesee Country Village and Museum Agricultural Society Fair.
H Nantes Or Coreless Carrot: B+. Pretty good in all three categories.
H Straight Eight Cucumber: C-. No luck with these. The (very) few we got weren't overly delicious.
H Long Island Mammoth Dill: A. Prolific grower, very flavorful and aromatic.
Catnip: A.Pretty, good grower, tasty.
Lavender Munstead: N/A My chickens made a dust bath there.
H Jungs Heritage Mesclun Mix: A+. Very pretty, awesome grower, very yummy.
H Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion Seed: A+. Not special in the looks category, but get this: We planted them from seed in JUNE and got a lovely crop. ANd they taste GREAT!
Sugar Ann Snap Pea: A. Pretty, good grower, tasty.
H Sparkler Radish: A. Pretty, good grower, tasty. However, I won't grow radishes again, there is no way I will ever eat them again. AHHH! TOO MANY RADISHES!
H Early Golden Bantam (an heirloom variety corn): F. It was gross. Really- it tasted like, umm, something gross. And, I was really disappointed because it was my way of sticking it to the man by planting a corn that isn't a hybrid. That means I could save the seeds and not have to buy seeds EVERY YEAR like they expect me to. Anyway, next!
Bohemian Horseradish Sets: A. Average looks, great grower, tasty.
Heritage Everbearing Raspberry: DIED
Latham Summer Bearing Raspberry: DIED (Perhaps due to the black walnut trees nearby. They produce an evil chemical that kills some plants.)

(The H's stand for heirloom seed varieties.)
Would like to get from friends and neighbors next year:
Rhubarb, lemon balm, spearmint, chamomile.



Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Had to come by and say HI! Thanks for stopping by, and love the 2nd amendment photo BTW.

It's hard being red in the bluest county in the state!

Your tomatoes are gorgeous, I really like those colors!

Pamela said...

I have raspberries. Lots. And lots. And lots. And they are free if you dig them yourself.

Rebz said...

Hey throwback-
Nice to have you.
Come back again!
And thanks for the compliment on my pics. I am especially proud of my marksmanship (with a gun, not so much with a camera.)

Rebz said...

Oh, and Pamela, we're coming for your berries.
In the spring probably.

Rory said...

Well, Miss Gardener! Congrats on second place with pickled beets!!!! So very proud of you! By they way, I think I might have lemon balm. I still keep some growing just for you because some day I'm going to get it to you. It grows like a weed and spreads all over. Seems to like the north side of the house just so you know for future planning. It does get the early morning sun. Also, maybe by spring I might have a mum or two if you want (light pink)... while we're digging (likes the north side, too). And maybe some peonies and irises, too. They are on the west side, get the afternoon sun and do fine (for future planning). They are getting big and it might be time for them to be thinned out, if you're interested. I plant and ignore just so you know, like the lemon balm - it keeps coming back year after year! As for the black walnut trees.... had a friend that ripped his out because of his garden. He contacted the co-op I think for more info. Those trees can be nasty near gardens I hear. Glad you had a good garden year. Can't wait to hear plans for next year!

Rebz said...

WOW! Rory, We'll have to plan a nice little digging party come spring. Call me up and let me know what time to be there.

Rory said...

You got it dudette! By the way, got real swing set for the kids, too! I'm sure I'll see you way before then.

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