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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Show and Tell:
These are some things I have received via email. And, since I don't do forwards, I will share this week's best with you here. (These first few are rated R for Republican, viewer discretion advised)

If you are wondering why I feel the way I do, check out a post on my other blog: "Hooked-Up"

This is NOT Cade, but it certainly could be.
And finally, laugh a bit:


Kara said...

Love it...i cannot stop laughing! xoxoxo...muuuuahhhhh Kara

Pamela said...

Some of them were good and R Rated. A few of them made my blood pressure go down enough to keep reading...

I'm glad we don't like the same things. But the stuff we like the same? I'm glad we like that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever checked out the voter's guide on ? Someone from our ABF shared this resource with us a couple Sundays ago. You can take a look at each candidates voting history. A clear eye opener.

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