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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To cure a sick baby:
Sinus infection-
Pau D'arco (fights infections) Free, thanks Pamela
Colostrum Supplement (boosts immune system) 50.00 (ouch, luckily that's for like 5 lbs and it last forever)
Fenugreek and Thyme(clears sinuses) 6.00, Olive Branch
Benedryl (Dries sinuses, allows infection to clear. Helps little man sleep) Priceless.

Why all the fuss just to avoid antibiotics? Because antibiotics are now being linked with hyperactivity in children. (And also, I get a weird sense of accomplishment when I can say that my son has never been on antibiotics. It makes me feel like a supermom)
(excerpt from Want to read the whole article?)
"The #3 trigger is antibiotic use. There is a correlation between repeated childhood ear infections and ADD/ADHD. Why? Because antibiotics given for medicinal reasons as well as the antibiotics injected into the animals used for meat in this country both set up conditions in the intestines for the overgrowth of trigger #4...... (candida)"

Okay, that's enough for now, I should stop neglecting my children and general household chores.


Pamela said...

I had fenugreek and thyme. I could have hooked you up. Stinkle!

And antibiotics are the devil.

Rebz said...

Yep, stinkle. I was heretofore unaware that you were willing to serve as my own personal health food store. But, if you are, I will certainly take you up on that. Do you deliver?

Rebz said...

Hey, here's a funny thing that I just found out- fenugreek and thyme makes your armpits smell- like fenugreek and thyme. And it's weird. To have my armpits smelling like that. It's like dinner- maybe a lentil soup? How do I know that armpits smell like lentil soup? Because I don't wear deodorant. HAH! There's a quirk for ya, huh? Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya? I only wear it when I go places. And then it's the Apricot stuff from Tom's of Maine, and it's just deodorant, not antiperspirant. So there!
(Sorry for the abrasive tone, it's probably the fenu-thyme odors affecting my thought process.)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I posted a comment yesterday and it's not here...will try again. Saline nasal spray and colloidal silver nasal spray (both can also be used to gargle which your little guy will probably not do yet) are natural remedies we use as soon as symptoms begin. Also Kathy taught me that garlic and onion are natural antibiotics so I love to cook with them frequently. Just recently learned that spraying surfaces with hydrogen peroxide will kill germs and help prevent spreading illness to others. may have your remedies for less.

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