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Friday, October 31, 2008

"A day hemmed in prayer never unravels."
I just want to encourage you to spend some time with God each day. It is such a big help to me as a mommy and all my other roles, as well. If you haven't noticed, there is one book that is perpetually on my blog as one of the books that I am currently reading. It is "Then Sings my Soul." It is a devotional that tells the history behind some of our favorite hymns and gives s scripture verse on which to meditate as well. Today's was especially good, it was about the author of "It is no secret." He was converted at a Billy Graham crusade and was inspired to write the song by none other than John Wayne himself. That's pretty cool. He also wrote "This Ole House" which is one of my favorite gospel songs. (It's on my playlist sung by the Cathedrals.)
Today is Halloween, Brilyn will be a lady bug, Cade a bumble bee. Collin, Brilyn's imaginary friend, is going as a dinosaur. But, don't worry, he's not dangerous, he's just PRETENDING to be a dinosaur. For Halloween. Brilyn wants you to know that.
And, two days till Clara comes! Yesterday, I had Joe buy what I hope to be our last gallon of "store milk" for a very long time.
Also: If any of you interested in buying some WONDERFUL soy candles (No fossil fuels, no lead!) triple scented, double wicked, super lovely scents, let me know. These make great presents and the Christmas Pine is the best smell in the world at Christmas time. I am currently burning the Holiday Memories candle, it smells like a mix of vanilla, orange, clove, and cinnamon. I LOVE it. 18.95 for a large jar candle. (They have the same burn time as the large Yankee Candles, and they are more powerful, they scent my whole house.)

Fruit & Citrus Scents

Angel Wings
Apple Cinnamon
Apples & Peaches
Apricot Freesia
Asian Plum New!
Black Cherry
Cactus & White Peach
Chili Vanilli
Coconut Mango
Coconuts & Lime
Cucumber Melon
Forbidden Fruit
Fresh Apple
Fresh Sweet Mango
Japanese Pear
Juicy Ripe Watermelon
Lemon Verbena
Liquorice & Grapeseed
Oranges & Clove
Peach & Papaya
Pomegranate New!
Sex on the Beach
Sicilian Lemon & Rosemary
Strawberry Kiwi
Sweet Fig & Wildberry New!
Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper

Fresh and Clean Scents

Antique Lace & Linen
Baby Powder
Fresh Laundry
Fresh Linen
Ginger & Cedarwood
Heart of the Ocean
Mediterranean Spa New!
Mountain Pine
Norwegian Wood
Rainforest New!
Sea Breeze
Texas Cedarwood

Scents From the Kitchen

Anise Cookies
Apple Berry Cobbler
Banana Nut Bread
Blueberry Cobbler
Blueberry Muffin
Butter Cream Frosting
Caramel Apple
Chocolate Kiss
Cinnamon Raisin Bun
Coffee Break
Cotton Candy
Creme Brulee
Hot Apple Pie
Hot Orange Danish
Key Lime Pie New!
Orange Creamsicle
Pastry Shoppe
Peppermint Truffle
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Sugar Cookie
Tequila Sunrise
Vanilla Cookie
White Chocolate & Coffee

Holiday Scents

Christmas Essence
Christmas Pine
Holiday Cookies
Holiday Memories New!
Hollyberry Balsam
Home for Christmas
Mulled Cider
Night Before Christmas
Pumpkin Spice
Spiced Cranberry

Perfume & Spice Scents

Country Spice
French Vanilla
Green Tea
Mulberry Spice
Patchouli Spice
Sage & Lavendar
Slate & Stone
Spice Shoppe
Tahitian Spiced Vanilla

Floral Scents

French Lavender
Victorian Rose
Water Lilly & Jasmine

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