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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Here's my seed list for Garden 2008!
From Jung:
H Rainbow Heirloom Mix Tomato Royal Burgundy Purple Pod Bush Bean
Ruby Queen Beet
H Nantes Or Coreless Carrot
H Straight Eight Cucumber
H Long Island Mammoth Dill
Lavender Munstead
H Jungs Heritage Mesclun Mix H Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion Seed
Sugar Ann Snap Pea
H Sparkler Radish
H Early Golden Bantam
Bohemian Horseradish Sets
Kennebec Potato
Fancy Mix Morning Glory Single Old Fashioned Mix Hollyhock Seed Heritage Everbearing Raspberry
Latham Summer Bearing Raspberry
(The red H's stand for heirloom seed varieties.)
Would like to get from friends and neighbors:
Rhubarb, lemon balm, spearmint, chamomile.
I really love planning a garden and choosing varieties. And, what a good year to plant a garden with food prices rising like they are.
That's all for today, Cade needs some mommy time.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You will have a rainbow garden! COOL! We used to have a garden in Leroy. I really miss it:) Forgive me if you already know this...Be careful with horseradish. It will completely take over your garden if you don't keep it contained. It sends out shuts. We actually grew it inside a big old metal wash bin that was buried in the ground under the plant. I think I saw this idea on some gardening show. We have holly hocks, morning glories, and a raspberry bush here in Batavia. LOVE THEM! Happy gardening:)

Rebz said...

Cool Melody- I think I heard about horseradish being crazy before, but I appreciate the timely reminder. We will make a separate bed, perhaps.

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