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Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello! What a fine Friday it is today!
We went on a walk in LeRoy and had lots of fun as a family.
We also stopped to look at a woodstove, we would really like to buy it. Do any of you know someone who does masonry work around here?
We also planted 5 things in our garden today. Beets, peas, carrots, radishes, and mixed lettuce. some things will be ready in as few as 25 days, whereas the carrots are gonna be a while. But, I am definitely looking forward to the abundance.
We are really going to have to kill the rooster, or more colorfully, "We're gonna chop his bloody head off." He is a real jerk, or more appropriately, He is a real cock. He runs around beating everybody up, which includes us human residents of Tillaboro Orchard. He even tries to sneak attack Joe, which never turns out very well for Cornelius (yeah, I named him when I liked him).
We will hopefully be getting a different type of chicken that is a bit more docile, although I don't think white leghorns are known for being rambunctious. Anyway, what I really want are some Brahma chickens. They are HUGE! and lay through the winter.
Back to Cornelius, we are gonna chop him up and eat him with dumplings.
Hmmm, well that's about all for now, the house is quiet (Joe is outside, hahaha) and I want to read a bit more of Anne of the Island. She is a junior at Redmond now, and she has just met "Prince Charming." So, I wanna see how that goes for her. By the way, Ruby Gillis dies in this book and I cried for like 15 minutes. I would start to calm down and then I would think all these sad thoughts about the reality of people dying and I would start crying all over again. Joe thought I was a nut (well, probably thinks I am still a nut) but, I like a good cry every now and then. It's good for your back. (Maybe I should explain that?) I put my stress in my back and if I have a good cry, my stress is reduced and thus, my back should be better off.
Love ya!


Pamela said...

I know a mason! Erick LeFevre is a great guy, and does good work. My husband works with him sometimes. I could try to explain how you might know him, but that would be long and ridiculous. His cell number is 973.714.2077 (he used to live in NJ, and kept the same number...I can't explain that). His home number is 345.0567.

Rebz said...

Thanks Pam!
I left him a message already- thanks for providing his phone number!
I booted the computer up right now specifically to look up masons in the area, and here you are with a name and number for me.
"Ask and you shall receive!"

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