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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I would like to request anyone who reads my blog to please leave comments for me!
If you are held back because they ask you to sign in- it's easy! All you need is a FREE google account. You do that by entering your email address as you user name, and then pick a password. It's that easy!
Now, I am not going to post any more pictures of my little cuties until I get at least 10 comments letting me know who is reading.
So, get a google account and leave me some comments!
PS I have said this before, but:
FYI- It is bad netiquette to read someone's blog without commenting, it's called "blog stalking" and is equivilant to eavesdropping on a party line. (If you don't know what a party line is, just ignore the analogy.) LOVE!


Carol said...

I hope you get 10 comments quick because I love seeing your pics! I was nervous about commenting on blogs at first too, but most bloggers appreciate it and comment back which is fun. ~Carol

Rebz said...

Yay! Thanks Carol, I hope all my readers follow your example!

Cookie said...

I will be comment #2 or is it #3 after your comment. I am confused - story of my life! Love, Courtney

PS How was dinner last night?

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me, I certainly don't want to be considered a blog stalker!

Rebz said...

YAY for you commentors! You are good people. For that, I will share a recipe. See next post.

Kara said...

Comment....does that count??? Love you babe! Kara

Pamela said...

Here's another comment from another blogger gal. Really I'm not morbid, I swear, but I'm dying to know if you gave it to nasty Cornelius. And I'm also grossed out by bones in food. I actually just shivered thinking about it.

Rebz said...

Hey Pam,
We certainly did. And please reference the delicious recipe "Tangy Hawaiian Chicken"

Pamela said...

I saw the recipe...and it does look like it would be good, even with stupid, beakless chickens from the grocery store.

I meant did you, personally, all by your veryownself, put an end to that nasty rooster.

Huge off now.

Rebz said...

Ahhh....did I put the kibosh on Cornelius?!? No, I am sorry to say that I didn't. Actually, I had to go upstairs and hug a teddy bear till I knew he was deader'en a doornail. I am not really much use until the animal's remains move from 'corpse' to 'meat.' As I explain it, I am a "helper" not a "hurter" and until the animal is past all hope of being helped, I am not much help. If that makes any sense!
Side story- we had a raccoon that killed all but one of chickens once. Joe caught him in a trap and he died trying to get our last chicken (poor Camilla, she's never been the same since). Anyway, when we found him in the morning, I kicked him.
All that to say, no I didn't kill Cornelius with my bare hands, but I did eat him up and enjoy it immensely.

marla said...

just found your blog off your comment on kristin's blog. so though i'm brand new, i must admit if you didn't request the comments, i just might've been a lurker...oh how i love to lurk blogs.

intensesimplicity said...

I have been thinking about doing the same thing...i.e. requesting that my readers at least let me know that they read my blog. I have over 2,000 hits, but only a handful of comments. What's that all about?

Manda said...

i guess i need to leave a comment and quit my lurking! (so many blogs to read, and very little computer time - with 2 under 2- i'll use that as my excuse for not commenting sooner!)
enjoy reading your blog!

Rebz said...

Well, I brought out two lurkers, I guess that's good enough for me.
I will download some recent pics and reward this good behavior

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