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Monday, April 07, 2008

I guess I am stuck in negative blogging rut- but I watched the most awfulest movie last night and I thought I would tell everyone I know not to watch it unless you want to a) waste two and half hours of your life, and b) be disturbed to a level where you find it impossible to sleep.
It's pretty much about a kid who has a terrible childhood and then runs away to the Alskan wilderness where he eventually discovers that people are important, but when he tries to return to civilization, he can't recross the river and then dies of eating a poisonous plant that shuts down his digestive system so he dies of starvation.
So, unless you like being depressed and disturbed, avoid this movie like the plague.
On a brighter note- the sun is shining and Anne of Avonlea is quite the opposite of Into the Wild, bright, cheerful, uplifting, and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

YEAH FOR SUN!!! Oh! By the way, I've been meaning to say I love the Lilacs...a refreshing change. I have crocuses in my front yard. DO you have anything blooming?

Rebz said...

I have just a few yellow crocuses- but I am anticipating a plethora of daffodils- they all have buds, so the blooms are surely soon to follow.
PS-Lilacs are my favorite flower of all time by far.

Pamela said...

Did you know that the Arbor Day foundation has a $10 membership? And anybody who gets that $10 membership gets ten trees shipped at no charge to them? It is a smoking deal for anybody who wants some trees. They have a flowering tree package that has some really awesome stuff in it. And the rest of the trees they have for sale are priced well. You talking about lilacs reminded me.

Anonymous said...

I have a baby lilac bush that LynnSue Pierce gave me a couple summers ago. Did you know she's my neighbor? Last year it had two blossoms. Can't wait to see what it does this year. That does sound like a good deal Pamela. If we had more property to plant on I'd go for it. I think my daffodils are going to explode any day now. And before you know it, Ellicott Ave will be lined with cherry blossoms... awesome walking aromas!!

Rindy Walton said...

I am so glad I did not pick up that movie last night--it was in my hand for our family movie night, then saw it was rated R so put it down!! Evan Almighty was better---predictable but some good stuff.

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