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Friday, April 04, 2008


Kara said...

Wow! What an eye openner! I has heard something about this a while back, but I didn't realize how wacky it really is. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for this enlightening video. One more reason not to watch TV too much.

There was just way too much there to argue with... I don't even know where to begin! =)

But I will say this... Oprah can FEEL all she wants, but me, I choose to BELIEVE what the Bible says... I looked in my concordance for the word believe and nearly every verse in the new testament linked the word with the idea of salvation, everlasting life, eternal life, etc. What an awesome promise from God!

Oh, and by the way... I voted for hyacinth. It was my dad's favorite flower... and it's so special to get this time of year for me because it reminds me of him. Thanks for the reminder through your blog! =)

Anonymous said...

This is why it is sooo important that Christians be saturated in the Word. Anyone who does not cling to the truth of scripture can be so easily led astray. Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the light. No man comes to the Father accept through me."

Rebz said...

So true ladies, so true.
Just an interesting comment...all three of you who commented are MOPS coordinators. LOL.

Carol said...

Wow is right...I don't get home from work until Oprah is over and usually don't see it...but the times I have I knew something was "off" with her. Thanks for sharing that. Take care~Carol

Pamela said...

First off, I want to say that I am an Obama supporter, and I think that little shot at the end of the book saying "Oprah, Obama and Occult" was unnecessary. That seemed a bit more politically motivated than Jesus motivated. And you should NEVER EVER drink Kool-Aid anyway. Vile substance.

But the theology...stinking scary. And the thing is, I can see how people can get there. What Oprah was saying about a believing experience vs. a feeling experience is SO REAL! People go to church and sit in the seat and are told to believe, why to believe, how to believe. And lots of churches are failing their members. There are so many churches that are not preaching the Gospel and are not providing an opportunity, or the teaching, or the worship that allows the attendees to deeply experience what it feels like to fully believe. I think that for many people, believing is initially a choice, like Stephanie said in an earlier comment. And to be honest, some days when my attitude is not great, I have to choose to believe. When I am turned around in the wrong direction and am not feeling the warmth of Jesus on my face, I have to make the decision to turn around again.

The saddest part... correction... yet another sad part, the whole thing is sad, was when Oprah misunderstood the meaning of 'jealous'. I am sure there are half a gazillion people who are jealous of Oprah, but The Almighty Creator of the Universe is not one of them. And just as sad...HE is still jealous and wanting the love of Oprah.

We need to be very careful about guarding our lives and our spirits from things like this.

Now I'm done and thanks for listening.

Pamela said...

Sorry, not done...

Did everyone recognize super mother Michelle Duggar refuting Oprah at the beginning of the clip from the Oprah show?

You would think that with all the money those people make from the never-ending episodes on the Discovery channel she'd pay for a haircut.

I realize that this is not the nicest thing to say, but really. No country singer has ever had a mullet equal to her.

Rebz said...

I can see by the number and PASSION of the comments for this post that you guys are as riled up and disturbed as I am. Let's all write a letter to our pastor so s/he knows that there needs to be a biger emphasis placed on defining beliefs so folks don't carried off on the rising tide of fluffy-feeling UNbelief.
Love ya!

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