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Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Friday to you.
Thank you for dropping in even though it has been a very long time since I last posted.
I have to say, I can't wait for my life to drop back to a normal pace. The thought of the end of this semester is certainly what is keeping me going. It would be impossible to sustain this kind of schedule if I was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Let's see what has been going on around here... still boiling off syrup, tending baby chicks, etc.
The chicks are quite big by now- they are about a month old I guess- and feathered out. They have been moved to the barn since they tried to burn my house down early last week. They knocked their heat lamp down and it burned a hole in the tupperware container they were living in and melted a weird mixture of plastic, newspaper, and chicken poop to the floor of our front porch. Luckily I smelled the burning plastic and found it before it started a blaze.
Cade can crawl- very fast. I can always tell when he is about to get into something interesting (ie. naughty) when he starts breathing fast. Whenever I hear rapdi breathing, I run to catch him just before he escapes into the mud room, or bathroom, or any other super secret doorway we usually keep closed off from our crawling crusader.
Since reading Before Green Gables I have watched Anne of Green Gables the movie, and am almost through with Anne of Green Gables the book. I am truly enjoying my leisure reading. This is the first time I have ever doneany just-for-fun reading during a semester, but it is one small bright spot in my life that is quite therapeutic to me. I am also slowly reading through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows one more time. That book kind of depresses me though, because it makes me sad to think I will never anticipate another Harry Potter book release. :(
My brother came home with me from our Easter visit to the Adirondacks and has been looking for a job in the area. If you know of any good job available, please let me know.
Well, Caillou is all over and Brilyn is looking for her lunch, so I have to say ta ta for now.
Have a lovely weekend,
(No picture today, I hope you can forgive me.)


Anonymous said...

It is always hard to find time for pleasure reading. Once you do, don't lose it. Two things: what about pumpkins, tomatoes, beets, or carrots as different foods to try? Also, what kind of career is he interested in or searching?? By the way, HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU!!

Rebz said...

Hey Heather!
Beets are a great option- I love them. Do you think people would stop by the side of the road to buy them?
As for Jake- he likes working outside and has his associates in liberal studies. Any ideas? :)

Anonymous said...

I suppose if someone liked them enough, they would stop. I will keep my ears open for jobs. I don't know of much now. Have a good week.

Carol said...

It's good to hear from you again Joce! Sorry things are so hectic for you, but just keep looking ahead to that light at the end of the tunnel. I'm also totally into leisure reading lately, I forgot how much I actually enjoy books. We just watched the latest movie from the Janette Oke books, "Love's Unending Legacy" and it was awesome..I recommend it. I'm thinking since I like the movies I may get the books for the summer, but you are making me want to read Anne of Green Gables...such tough decisions!
Have a great week, take care~Carol

Pamela said...

My husband is working for R & R Precision out of Attica. They build pole barns, and the crew is a little too small right now. They have all kinds of work lined up. I can get the number the next time I see my Mister if you want.

I am moving my mom's rhubarb to my house, and can break you off some. I don't know how much there is, but she's moving so I am taking it all.

Rebz said...

Thanks for the rhubarb offer- I think I will take you up on that.

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