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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

She's HERE!

Wow. Anastasija is upstairs having quiet/rest time with the other kiddos.

A few tidbits about her so far:
She is sweet and loving.
She loves to help with Jessup.
She has a sense of humor.
She knows 20-40 English words/phrases that help A LOT with communication. There is nothing we haven't been able to communicate so far.
She loves pizza.
She plays well with Brilyn.
She LOVES Joe.
She calls us mommy and daddy.
She saw a pair of socks with reindeer on them today, and said, "Haha, daddy shoot these."
She likes Home Alone: Lost in New York. She knows the movie (almost) as well as I do.
She is reluctant to let us learn any Latvian- she just wants us to speak English.
She likes to play the piano- it sounds like she has some play-by-ear talent.
She loves the clothes in her drawers.
She has NO jet lag.
She follows our routines like she has always been here.
She would eat her weight in apples.
She loves the cat.

Prayer request: Some of the kids from Ukraine are having some paperwork problems with coming here for Christmas. Please pray that God would work all things to His glory.



Steve and Jo said...

So cool!! Praying for the others!

Maid4Him said...

I cried when I read this Jocelyn. I don't know why except that from the start I have known this was Gods plan. She is JUST precious! You can teach her piano! Oh MY I AM SO BLESSED !

Anonymous said...

I teared up too. Praise the Lord. He is so good.


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