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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gift list

I know that some of you are waiting to see what kind of things Anastasija needs and can take back to Latvia with her when she leaves.


Items can be new or like new. Designer name brands are NOT GOOD. Those kinds of items usually get stolen back at the orphanage.
High-quality, modest, cute (as compared to 'cool'), classic (as compared to 'trendy') clothes are best. Osh Kosh, Hanna Andersson, etc.

NEW INFO: Size 8/9. She's tall and thin. 

You can see what has been given so far, in green. I have noted whether it was received NEW or HD (handed-down), so that if anyone wants to buy something new as a Christmas gift, you can see if she already has a new one of that item. If it is crossed out, it means that item has been fulfilled and no more are needed.

1. Disposable cameras.
2. Photo album or scrapbook. (Recieved, NEW)
3. Journal, small notepad, cool pens, markers, etc. (NEW)
4. Bible in Latvian.
5. Small, light, manipulative toys, not battery operated. Yo-yo, small doll, etc.
6. Cheap, off-brand MP3 or CD's. CLEAN lyrics. Christian artists preferred. (NEW)
7. Gloves, hats, scarves. (Received 2 hats, HD) (Mini Stretch gloves, 4 pr, NEW)
8. Sunglasses.
9. Inexpensive jewelry, silly bands, etc.
10. Candy. (Milk Duds, Mike and Ike)
11. Tickets for an event here in the Rochester area. (Received, tickets to 'A Christmas Carol,' Batavia Players, Invitation to go to Play Museum)
12. Craft items from Michaels's- paint by number, plastic suncatcher kits, etc. (Friendship Bracelet Floss/Kit, Perler Beads, NEW)
13. Board games- travel size,  card games, etc.
14. Small purse/ wallet. (Pink polka dot zip make-up bag, NEW)
15. Watch.
16. Thin, lightweight cute/girly blanket.
17. Cute wall calendar.
18. Slippers. (Two pair fuzzy slipper socks, NEW)
19. Crocheting supplies. (NEW)
20. Hygiene items like toothbrush, hairbrush, nice smelling lotion/ body spray, body wash, etc. (Hair bands, 2 mini nail polish, flip open brush, Chapstick, lipgloss, NEW)

Other items to send home with Anastasjia: (these could be given as gifts as well)
Sneakers (Size 3) (NEW)
Winter boots (NEW)
3-4 pair socks (NEW)
3-4 pair underwear (NEW)
One hand towel, one wash cloth
****One nice dress (A Christmas dress that could be worn all winter would be awesome!)****
2-3 winter outfits (Recieved some, HD, and some NEW)
2-3 summmer outfits
1 one-piece bathing suit
One good winter coat (Received, HD)
Pajamas (Received, - 1 pair, and some comfy pants, HD)
Somthing to share with other kids at orphange- like silly bands....

If you buy something for Anastasija off this list, please leave a comment or contact me some other way so I can use this post kind of like a registry- once something is received I will remove it from the list.



Julie said...

I will send a 7 pack of underwear, a dress, a skirt, a long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, jeans, and tights.
XXOO, Julie

Rebz said...

Thanks Julie!

Steve and Jo said...

Jocelyn is in a 7-8 now and she only wears a size 12 1/2 shoe....3's would be huge.....

CNA Training Online said...

Is this some kind of a charity? I wish I could send some items too..

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