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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Give This Christmas Away: Anastasija's Wish

This is a sticky post, it will stay at the top of this page until December 14th. Please scroll down to see the most recent posts.
Please do not use PayPal,, or mail checks to New Horizons beginning November 28th.
We sent a check to New Horizons for the remaining amount on December 1st. As of November 28, please make checks out to Joe and Jocelyn Rebisz, instead of New Horizons.

Help Anastasija spend Christmas with a real family- our family.

Our family is raising money to host Anastasija this Christmas through New Horizons for Children. New Horizons for Children brings orphans from Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine to the USA twice a year, summer and winter, to be hosted with loving families. Please help us raise money to cover costs: airfare, documentation, medical insurance, chaperones, etc.

 Let's get this thank- you list so long it gets boring to read all the names. :)

Thank you! Tom Frew
Thank you! Sara Cowherd
Thank you! Ruth Magin
Thank you! Amy Thompson
Thank you! MaryAnn March
Thank you! Laura Borycki
Thank you! Kara Riedl
Thank you! Russ and Erin Dawson
Thank you! Annie Clemm
Thank you! David and Krysta Stacy
Thank you! Craig Wilcox
Thank you! Eric Gravelle
Thank you! Grace Keller
Thank you! Shawn Clark
Thank you! Julie Wasilewski
Thank you! Lois Bradt
Thank you! Jamie Polhamus
Thank you! Megan Williams
Thank you! Chris and Hanna Erion
Thank you! Michele and Keith Keberle
Thank you! Joe and Cyndy Rebisz
Thank you! Delores and Gordon Seward
Thank you! Seth and Becka MacNear
Thank you! Joanne Privitera
Thank you! Dick and Shirley vonBergen
Thank you! Linda Chaya
Thank you! John Rebisz
Thank you! Adam and Nicole Moore
Thank you! Dave and Chris Wright
Thank you! Evans family
Thank you! Hanna Erion, the MARY KAY lady
Thank you! Nicole Kelly
Thank you! Jodi Coburn
Thank you! Ron and Ruth Koch, Mia Bella  fundraiser
Thank you! Julie and Nate Varland
Thank you! Fred and Eunie Ely

If you have donated to New Horizons in our name, and do not see your name here, please contact me and let me know that you gave.

Total amount given so far: $2,450.00 (+$500.00 scholarship through New Horizons)
Amount still needed: WE DID IT! Thank you GOD!
Total amount to be raised: $2,950.00

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