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Friday, March 26, 2010

Po diddy

So, the time has come to bling my baby. Jessup is the HAPPIEST person I have ever met. And, quite possibly, the nicest.
Despite his amazingly chillin' nature, he still has to get teeth. And, the process has begun. Grumping and drooling. Drooling and grumping. Biting.
My babies start teething about three years before they actually get a tooth. (That is an exaggeration, obviously.)
It's a long process. So, last time I had a baby cutting teeth, Hanna let me borrow an amber necklace. Cade loved it- the way it looked, the way it WORKED. He was po diddy and apparently pain free.
So, when Jessup started in with the grumping/drooling cycle I asked Hanna where I should buy one. She told me to go to Inspired by Finn. And, while I was there, I saw this little deal where if I linked to their site, they will give me 15% off my order! So Linky Linky I did. Here it is again in case you missed it.

Jessup is grumping RIGHT NOW, and so, I need to go. But check out the pain-relieving benefits of baltic amber at Inspired by Finn. And I will be able to write more when Jessup gets his amber necklace and STOPS CRYING.


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