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Friday, March 19, 2010

Quote of the Day- C.S. Lewis

"But suddenly, what had been an ideal had become a demand: total surrender to God, the absolute leap in the dark. The demand was not even 'all or nothing...' that stage had been passed. Now the demand was simply, 'All!'"

And that about sums it up. Which is good, because, I am sad to admit, I am 2/5 this week on my Block-a-Day. (Luckily, I was 5/4 last week, so I can use that as a buffer.)
And, I would also like to paint my upstairs bathroom today while my two big kids are at the Grandma's house. But first I have to wash the wallpaper paste residue off, and I have been procrastinating about that for, oh, a week. I was really hoping Joe would do it.

So, happy Friday to you. And have a blessed weekend.


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