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Friday, February 27, 2009

A few of my favorite things

So, I was reading this book- Plain and Simple- written by a lady who went to live with the Amish a couple of times and then wrote about what she learned.
One thing she learned is to get rid of any possessions that aren't (a) useful or (b) your favorite.
I decided to apply that principle to my dining room and I am oh-so-happy with the results.
She went on to say that when all of the things in your home are things you use or things that are your favorite, you feel more comfortable in your surroundings because your home becomes a very clear representation of you. That's cool in itself.
Then, she makes the claim that when all you own are things that you need or things that are your favorite, you will LIKE cleaning them. Huh. Well, I tried that out today, and I will say this. I didn't HATE cleaning my dining room. I felt kind of satisfied. It was a fulfilling experience instead of job to get done.
And that brings me to second thing I (re)learned from what she learned. Be here now. Don't look at tasks as something to be quickly completed so that you can get on to something more important or interesting. All tasks in your life are part of what makes your life your own. Embrace them all and don't count some as more important than others. This even applies to brushing my retainers which, up until I read that, was something of a hateful task keeping me from my warm bed and good book. Now, as I carefully brush the little buggers, I think to myself, "Isn't it nice to have straight teeth?" or at least, "Isn't it nice to have teeth?"

So anyway, here's a few pics to enjoy.

Cade sleeps

Sleeping babes

Waiting for spring

Watching the chickens peck

Dining room

Dining room



PS One thing I forgot to tell you about is that yesterday when my kids were wrapped up in blankets out on the deck watching the chickens, they decided to make a little trip down to see them up close. Which would be great, except that as you can see from the pic 'Waiting for spring' Cade was wearing his jammies (mammies, as he would say) and not so much wearing the shoes. Yeah. :)


Pamela said...

whatever. it's just mud. and i'm pretty sure you're keeping your washing machine.

Kara said...

I totally think your dinning room looks better without the carpet! You know I am all about striving form simplicity! Good job girl! xoxo Kara

Rory said...

Okay, so I'm still striving for simplicity, too. Love the way the book puts it - OMGOSH - so simply!!!
I need to send an almost teenage girl to the Amish.... everything she owns is a fav! God help me!
Love the pics - very elegant dinning room! And the sleeping babes - how precious!!!

threecollie said...

Sweet, lovely babies!
I simply don't have the dicipline to prune down my stuff, so the house is always a mess....but I do just love the stuff. And hate to clean it. Thanks for the pics of your babies, they really made me smile and brightened my day

Hanna said...

I don't check your bloggity blog for a couple days and when I come back, what do I find?
Not one.
Not two.
BUT THREE posts!
Impressive Oh Beautiful Queen!

DayPhoto said...

I like your house! Your dining room is very romantic. Also, what adorable little kids! And mud(even cold mud) between toes is rather nice, sometimes. But mud with chicken poop, isn't.


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