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Friday, February 20, 2009

There it is

So, some of you might be wondering where all the posts have gone.
When I said I am feeling stretched kind of thin, I mean dried all up. I don't have much to say. My heart is full of sad things and so that's what you are going to hear about here. If you don't want to know, stop reading.
1. My mom still has cancer, and it just keeps getting worse.
2. My friend's almost-two-year-old has a bad kind of cancer.
3. My sister-in-law lost a baby last week.
4. My good friend from college told me her dad just died of cancer.
5. My neighbor's mom is in the hospital in a coma from a burst appendix.
6. My friend's mom lost her job and is worried about losing her house.
7. Something I can't talk about here, but has to do with the breakup of a family.
8. Another thing I can't talk about here, but has to do with depression and chemical dependence.
My heart is so heavy for the suffering of those around me.
That's why I haven't been writing much. I'm just too sad.
So, when I start feeling a little more peppy and creative, I will be writing again. So don't give up on me. I'll be back.


threecollie said...

Oh, Joce, I am so sorry for the heavy load you have to deal with. Take care of what you need to and be assured your readers will be here when things get better....and thank you for the fish video, which cheered us up immensely.

Pamela said...

i knew about some of those things. praying for you and the people you love. and we can still cuddle if you want.

Anonymous said...

Joce, you are in my prayers. Your family, and those around you are in my prayers. Your sis in law is definitely in my prayers. I miscarried 3 years ago, and it was a rough process, but it was definitely for the best (in my case...turns out my ex hubby was cheating on me and decided he didn't love me the very same day that would have been my due date) God works in mysterious ways...and sometimes we think that He isn't there...but He is there for you. Put your trust in him and He will guide you through this difficult time. The stupid sagging ecomony doesn't help make any of it better...What am I to do with this house I can't sell? What will I do if I lose my job? How will I pay my bills? What will I do if my renters fall behind again on rent on the house they want to buy, but can't get a loan for...
Sorry to go on and on....just know that you aren't alone and that even though I've never met you, I feel close to you. I feel like we are kind of in the same funk right now...but just remember, you have friends praying for you, you have people who love you and you will get through all of this.
Pick your chin up, its friday!

Hanna said...

Even though all those yucky (and by yucky I mean plain old shitty... sorry not Joe Rebisz appropriate) things are going on in your world, you should know that you brighten each of those people's existence by just being you... even when you don't feel so bright and sunshiney, you still outglow the majority of us.
Love ya!

Kara said...

I will have to agree with Hannah! Crappy things happen and the world WILL fail us. That is why we have faith my dear! In times like this, what else can we do but pray. You know I pray for you everyday and I KNoW you pray for me because I FEEL IT! Love you girl!!!

Kara said...

And whats this about Pamela cuddling..I thought she broke up with you???

Steph said...

I'm so sorry ... sorry for the sad things and sadness that must feel like just too much to bear. I'll be praying that God is in the midst of all of those situations. And for God's peace in your heart. A few weeks ago I wrote this post... check it out because the scripture may help you now...

Is there anything I can do for you in the meantime as far as mops goes??

Rory said...

Oh my precious Joce. I'm sorry for your "wintry" season that you are in right now. When it rains it pours, huh?!? Better yet, a blizzard! But as you can see you have tons of support. Your God, my God, everyone's God of the universe is there. "How precious are His thoughts to you! How great is the sum of them! If you should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; when you awake, He is still with you!" Psalm 139:17-18
You take care and God will bless you through this tough time.
Love you lots, girl.

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

I know just how it is, believe me. I hope you feel better soon and that your family and friends find relief, peace and healing.


Carol said...

Joce, I'm so sorry you have all these heavy things to deal with at once, I know how overwhelmed you must feel. I'm thinking of you and will be here to read the blog when you're up to writing again, take care. Carol

Anonymous said...

I had that feeling.. So, I have been praying for you right along..
You are in my thoughts. Life can be tough. Why we can feel more joy with the good times.
Hugs from me- Lizzie

Pamela said...

It's just a friendly cuddle, K, for Pete's sake.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joce! My heart is breaking for you. Sometimes it seems that there is just too much...just way too much. And there isn't a way out of it, so it seems. But time does move forward and so therefore does everything else.

We are with you, this family of bloggers care for you and for those you care for. We have added you and those you love into our hearts and our prayers.

manda said...

you are in my thoughts and prayers. your burdens will be in my thoughts and prayers. sorry that life just sucks sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You are a special person to bare the burdens of others even when your own seem like enough by itself. You are living out the truth of scripture to mourn with those who mourn. God will bless you for pressing forward each day with the strength that he gives you.

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