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Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy March.
So Here's a story for ya. And, it's gotta be quick because I want to make ice cream. So.

Ah, let's was 3:30 Wednesday morning. Joe, who was awake from severe abdominal pain, heard a car pull into our driveway. He figured they must be turning around. About 5 minutes later, our phone rings. He runs downstairs to answer it, and there is car sitting in our driveway with the lights on. So Joe runs back upstairs to tell me (really, to put pants on) and then goes back downstairs, where someone is knocking on our door. It's a Genesee County Sheriff guy.

"Do you guys have a cow?" (Shines huge flashlight over near the barn.) "Is that it right there?"

Turns out that this poor deputy sheriff had been tracking our cow all over the county for about four hours. Or, at least, he had gotten a few reports of a cow spotted near our home. Yeah, Clara's Big Adventure. Good times, good times. We keep finding cow pies in the strangest places. "She went over here, too? Really?"
How many times can a cow poop in a few short midnight hours? The answer is a lot a lot.

That's my story. And now, for a commercial I keep hearing about from people who watch TV. They say, hey, there's a little girl on TV who reminds me of Brilyn. So I went to youtube to watch the commercial. And so, now, you can too.


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