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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is it that I do all day?

LOL. And more. Much more.
I am the Big Wig, the Head Honcho. I run it all baby. If it comes in, out, or just floats around in my house, it's my responsibility. I'm the boss of it. This is evidenced by Brilyn's nomenclature in reference to me. When she needs to get my attention, she stops calling me mom and starts calling me, "Beautiful Queen" "Big Boss" or, "Your Majesty". I am not making that up.
I take pride in running my home well. I am the full time queen of my realm and know that I have found my true calling for this portion of my life. But. Let me tell you that it is harder than my work as a full time teacher. It is harder than working as a part time teacher and part time mom. It is harder than working as a full-time teacher and part-time mom. I know, because I have worked all of those combos. And this, in all it's fulfilling glory, is the hardest job I have ever had. Full time motherhood is NOT for the faint of heart. It is for those of us who are all grown up with our big girl panties on to suck up the financial constraints imposed by embracing one income, the total lack of time off, paid or otherwise, and the in-the-trenches mentality required for dealing with all the poop, pee, blood, boogers, spit, vomit, dirt, mud, slime, (and for me, the poop of other species, such as chickens and cows) mixed with the requirement to win when dealing with temper tantrums, refusal to eat during meals, hair pulling, leg biting, pinning slippery kids to the wall in the tub in order to rinse shampoo from their hair, and strapping into car seats. Yeah. So. If you ask me what I do all day, be prepared for me to laugh loudly and all manic like really really close to your face, because I no longer have any sense of personal space. So.
NOTE: This is so not even close to being a conclusive list. It's just what I had time to write in between feeding one kid and wiping the other one's, uh, face. LOL.


DayPhoto said...

And it doesn't end, just because they grow up!


Anonymous said...

No harder when they are all grown..

There is that Joce who makes my day!!... You should write a book.
You bring me joy..


Pamela said...

No harder when they're grown? I'll just be glad when they stop trying to kick me in the face when they aren't allowed a stupid popscicle. Or however you spell it. Freaking popscicles.

manda said...

great post! you make me laugh!

Rory said...

I love the fact that Brilyn calls you Beautiful Queen, Big Boss or Your Magesty! You have the respect in your castle, baby! You go girl!!! Keep up the good work!! You are raisng some great royalty here (a prince and a princess) and it isn't an easy job. I hope the King realizes what a fantasic job you doing. Oh, he knows, he just needs to be reminded now and then, right?
Love your writing!

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