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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cajun fishin'

So, Kara requested that I actually post sometime this week. So, to kind of honor this request I am sharing a video my husband received via email, and which I found to be really quite amazing, and which I located on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I think this kind of fishing would be rather invigorating, what with the fish slapping folks up side the head and all.
So. Hope you liked it. I will try to actually write something about my actual life at some point. It's just that I am stretched a bit thin at the moment.


threecollie said...

I am not fishing in the right place! Hope you don't mind if I grab this...too good to pass up!

Kara said...

That's awesome! Is Joe gonna try that out sometime soon! I'll go!

Hanna said...

Dang! I really need to get rid of this dial up...

Anonymous said...

I so want to try this!!!

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