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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I have to say, this dude gives me an uneasy feeling in my spirit. My point in posting this clip is not to influence politics (I do not support any candidate thus far. They all fall very short.) Please ignore the stupid parts of this video and absorb only the factual statements. And then, please read the very energetic responses in the comments section, and leave a comment if you dare.

I will take this opportunity to state my usually unspoken clause to anything I post on here that I don't personally write.
"I don't like the media. People throw ridiculous things together trying to make a (sometimes erroneous) point. My political views are mixed, but I usually vote based on my belief that abortion is very wrong and that anyone who doesn't see that must have something wrong with their vision. And that doesn't make for a good policy maker, in my opinion. I do everything within my power to change the world right where I am in regards to things that the government doesn't and shouldn't have to do. I give to the poor, reduce, reuse, recycle (more than anyone else I know), keep my footprint small, and spread God's love to others as often as I am able. I focus on my family, and then continue from there. And I pray."


Kara said...

That was VERY informative to us politically ignorant people! That really scares me...what has American become??? or what will it become?? Lets PRAY he doesn't win!

Pamela said...

The media plays such a crazy and ridiculous role in every part of our lives. It seems that a man clever enough to invent the internet would have the sense to realize that a child has no control over the fact he was born to a white woman and a black muslim. Is a proclivity toward the muslim religion genetic?

The commentary on Obama's voting record, the doctrine of his church, and the Che Guevarra item in the office are one thing. But disparaging comments about his parents is really kind of silly. And the Indonesia muslim school- he was a child. His mother and stepfather sent him to school. What else could he have done?

I would suggest that if your only source of information is the conservative media's 'Hussein Spin', it is possible that picture is inaccurate. It makes sense that we, as responsible citizens, would make an effort to read up on both sides of the story. Not just regarding Senator Obama, but Senators Clinton and McCain, as well. I've read some writings of each of them, and for me, that has been better information than any other media source.

The first comment said 'that was very informative to us politically ignorant people!' And that is what scares me. While we do have the right of free speech, we also have a responsibility to consider the source of that speech, and the intention of that speech. And what is on the internet is not always accurate.

What America becomes is up to us. And hopefully we will not be sheep who believe everything we hear from the media whether it be liberal or conservative. The Bible says "The truth will set you free." If we want to be set free from politics and media as they have become, we need to be diligent about being Paul Harvey and getting the rest of the story.

Please excuse the length of my comment, as I have been thoroughly disgusted with the news industry as a whole for pretty much my entire adult life. I have no patience with sensationalism.

Rebz said...

Great comments.
Okay, Pam, I have to respond to your comment. I LOVE that you have opinions and have opened up discussion on here. Since I don't have a lot of time in real to sit down and talk about current events, this is a really cool opportunity. My tone is meant to be friendly, so please read accordingly.
The fact that Mr. Obama was born to a black Muslim and a white American woman does have some impact on who he is as a person, regardless of whether he chose it or not. There are definitely some undertones of his personality and philosophy that illustrates his unease with racial issues. His chosen mentor also illustrates that he is okay with reverse racism in some context. Black people are good, but so are white people.
And, research shows that religion is tied with parentage, if not genetics.
Going to a Muslim school during your formative years is, again, not his fault, but certainly has an impact on who has become.
I do apologize for my irresponsibility in posting this without a "view at your own risk" clause. People need to inform themselves, absolutely. And, people should be aware of media tactics that sensationalize and distort the truth.
Paul Harvey is very cool.
So let me end by saying that my point in posting is exactly what I got. I good hearty response and people walking away with a few facts about Mr. Obama such as his voting record, the doctrine of his church, and the Che Guevarra/Liberation/Marxist ties.
Thanks again Pam! I love your piss and vinegar.

Kara said...

I am feeling the need to defend myself after being quoted in the last comment. I guess I should start by saying that I was being somewhat sarcastic. I do not think of myself as being completely politically ignorant, but do not consume myself with politics. Even so, I do care about this country and am concerned about where it is heading. I have done a lot of reading about the Obama and do believe that he is an evil man. Although, not all of his views are corrupt, he does present a risk to this country if elected. I don't know about all of you, but I do not want to be led by a man who has been mentored by a "nut case".

I will also say that I do not support any of the candidates. None of them thrill me. AND.. I DO NOT believe everything I read or hear or even see on the internet. The media ALWAYS blows things out of proportion, but there is some truth in all of their statements!

If time allowed, I would write forever, but the baby calls! Know that I really NEVER get myself involved in political debates, but I felt the need to explain myself further. Thanks Joce for getting my thoughts going!!! LOVE YOU!

Pamela said...

Please know that I was not passing judgement. I have heard people say things like that, being completely serious, ninety million gajillion times.

If I had decided about you based solely on your comment, I would be doing the same thing I was talking about in my comment. And that would be silly.

And besides, Joce likes Anne Shirley, so her hanging with you must mean that you are fabulous.

How's that for some Thursday afternoon logic?

Rebz said...

Ahhhh....politics. Sorry to get everyone all riled up.
Well, kind of sorry. I think it is good to get people riled up now and then about important topics.
"never talk politics or religion"
....unless you want your conversation to be interesting.

Kara said...

I know where you are coming from! I am actually glad you said something because it made me realize that I do need to have some foundation for my political views! I ALWAYS love a challenge!!! Joce, you are great! Always getting everyone all riled out...especially us mom's!!! I really hope no one takes offense to my comment...I was just "thinking".

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big politics follower. My husband keeps me posted on what's happening in the world. I keep him posted on what's happening at home. All I can say is I'm disappointed Huckabee (sp?) didn't make it. The fact that our country didn't recognize the dept of his character and the clarity of his vision scares me.

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