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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello folks!
I am looking for a young dog or a puppy. Do you know where I might find a farm collie/ English Shepherd? Here is a picture of the kind of doggy I am looking for.

Let me know if you know where I can find one!


Anonymous said...

So you finally talked Joe into a dog!!! Good for you. I always check out the SPCA for dogs--Batavia and Wyoming County, or Lollipop farms. Nothing like a good ol' dog to keep the "farm" running. By the way, how are the chicks doing? I also wanted to mention that I notice there are more frequent posts. I assume there is lots of time now that the internship is done! Have a great weekend----Heather

Cookie said...

Joce - on any given day you could take my dog, but I am not sure that a maltipoo would be much of a farm dog. She got shaved today - picture a white squirrel with a really short hair and a bushy tail. Of course I have never seen a squirrel with a pink feather over one ear. Every time I look at her I start humming Copacabana. Love, Courtney

Rory said...

I'm jealous - I have to get dog fixes at other people's homes.... like yours - yippee! So hurry up so I can come over and get a dog fix, oh and to see you and the kids, hahahaa!!

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